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  1. I understand the switch to Bb, but was sad to see the G horns go. the Bb horns just don't produce the sound or power the G horns had. Thats why today you see 16 tubas on the field and can barely hear the low brass unless the synth is doubling the parts (a sadly all too common practice) The horns changed every ten years or so regardless. 70s were Valve/Rotors, 80s Two valve G, 90s Three valve G, 00s any key
  2. I'm wondering how the music judge is going to adjust the brass score when he discovers 2/3 of the parts are being doubled on synth because the horn line can't hack it....
  3. Best thing about the good old days? My membership dues my rookie year at Regiment were $330 Its 10 times that now.
  4. ok, I'll be the one to stir up the crap... I'm betting there is a rules proposal from a certain director to allow "instrumentation of any kind"
  5. 96... I was on visual staff that year and DCI week was hell. People forget that the 96 corps was 4th at quarterfinals. We were within tenths of BD the last shows before finals week and to get slammed back down to 4th at quarterfinals was a HUGE disappointment. That corps never gave up and killed themselves the next two days. Was amazing to see it pay off.
  6. I was on staff at Phantom Regiment in 96. At quarterfinals we were in 4th, 4.3 points out of first. Two nights later we tied for first.
  7. It's a shame people don't remember 88 SCV. Their 88 show was better than the 89 one in almost every way.
  8. I marched Regiment from 86-90. In 89 we won Horns and Visual, but finished 2nd. Personally I would trade the caption awards for the win. In 90 we finished 4th but again won Visual. I was an instructor in 96 when we tied for 1st with BD. All in all I have no complaints. Even finishing 2nd in 89. I still get goose bumps when I watch that show. Very happy to have been a part of it.
  9. Sadly, drum corps will never again be as good as it was in the 80s/early 90s. All corps is today is glorified marching band. Band uniforms Band instruments Unrecognizable music... If Hopkins has his way woodwinds will be on the field in the next few years. I consider myself extremely lucky I got to march corps from 86-90 and teach for several years after aging out. After the 96 season I had finally had enough. The Bb horns and electronics have finally driven me away for good. I go to Regiment's home show every few years to see old friends but that's about it. It amazes me how the cu
  10. Just one more way corps are using electronics as a crutch, a shortcut. The watering and dumbing down of corps continues. If a soloist on a brass instrument needs a mic then the corps needs to find a different soloist
  11. The best Tuba lines are the ones not using a synth to boost their tone and output and there are SEVERAL who do that. Including, amazingly enough... Madison. Its fine if they feel the need just try not to be SOOOOOOO obvious about it.
  12. according to the current rules, "instrumentation of any kind" is allowed in the on field pre show warm up. This is Hopkins way of saying WW
  13. Exactly Mike. This is how Hopkins works. First it was amplification to help the pit be heard... look what that led to as far as electronics... Now its "winds"... doesn't take much imagination to see where Hopkins is going with this one, especialkly after his quote in the CNN article saying woodwinds are the next wall to come down. I have already lost most interest in corps when they started doubling horn parts and boosting 16 tubas with synth. WW will have me (and most people I know) walk away completely. That being said it won't surprise me if it happens within 3 -5 years.
  14. Thats true, but what I respect about Mason is he took Star and did his own thing. He didn't attempt to warp Drum Corps into what HE wanted it to be like Hopkins has been attempting to do for 20+ years now.