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  1. you mean like "THIS IS DCA" on youtube?
  2. New Stadium seats WAY more...two tiers on the home side....But, no parking, and as you said, no warmup areas
  3. DVDs will be processed and shipped after all clearances and licenses have been received..... thanks
  4. ....and the corps cut would be?........0.00. The cost of championships is much more than just a stadium.....
  5. did t all the corps caption heads sit in a room in Baltimore for a day and emerge with it?....I would guess they should know since they are the ones that came up with it
  6. It might very well be...its up to the copyright holder that makes decisions on a day to day basis, and a case by case basis
  7. We helped her out....operator error....all good and she is ready and good to go. :)
  8. That's why sporting events are reported as paid attendance. A season ticket holder is part of the count..there or not