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  1. 1) Blue Devils, Ink: octopus 2) The Cadets,The Power of 10: breast milk (until 10 months) 3) Carolina Crown, Inferno: deviled eggs 4) Bluecoats Kinetic Noise: Pop Rocks (kinetic feeling on your tongue) 5) Santa Clara Vanguard, The Spark of Invention: Wintergreen Lifesavers (bite one in the dark and you will see why) 6) Blue Knights, Because: spam (just because) 7) Phantom Regiment, City of Light: croissants 8) The Cavaliers, Game On: cornish game hen 9) Madison Scouts, 78th and Madison: NY hot dogs 10) Boston Crusaders, Conquest: maize (staple food in Central America after the Spanish conquest of the area) 11) Blue Stars, Side Show: french fries (side order) 12) Crossmen, Above and Beyond: pheasant (food the flies)
  2. So, what's that updated step-off times? Blue Stars still at 9:16 or should I put in a movie while I wait?
  3. You must be one of the people i was talking to, I was just a couple of rows in front of you, same seat number...discussed grunting to conquest?
  4. I'm not saying she should not comply with the rules, but there are many ways to state the same message. Some ways are respectful and others are not. Generally speaking, the ones that are stated more respectfully tend to get more consideration while the disrespectful ones' validity tends to be dismissed rather quickly. in either case, typically the messages, whether respectful or not, tend to be responded to in the same manner.
  5. I think it depends how it is said. One can state an objection intelligently without going into cut downs, name calling and negativity.
  6. At least the trampolines were to the outside of the field, it made it easier for me to ignore.
  7. He didn't write it for an orchestra moving around a football field. The orchestra sits still.
  8. The 27th Lancers had an instructor named Art Fabrizio who was from that area. Is he related to that family?