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  1. Based on what I saw/heard tonight, I'm thinking 1- BD 2- Coats 3- Crown Crown wins Brass, SCV wins drums, and BD takes everything else.
  2. Just got home from the show. My $.02 . . . Bloo - so much fun to watch. Much better live. Kids are really starting to own the show and give it some personality. Timing demands at opening of show (they are spread all over the field) are handled exquisitely. Drums have cleaned up A TON. Guard is solid, but the book at times seems to be less complex than others. Unlike last year when it seemed to be a re-pasted of 2016, this show seems fresh. Could see this winning it all, and don't expect to see them lower than 3rd. Crown - The brass line is just incredibly good. Drums are s
  3. My original post was not clear. I realize they are different people. The burning witch at the end is what the audience loves.
  4. Sorry for the delay folks, but just got in from the show. Here's my $.02 . . . . Cincinnati Tradition - Much better than past years. Drums are very good and guard is MUCH improved from last year, Flag book seems a bit overwritten at times and some performers struggle. Brass still has some folks sticking out at higher volumes, but is still noticeably better as well. Very pleasant to watch/hear. Surf - Big corps and ton of volume when they elect to do that. Brass might be their best caption right now. Very good soloists. Both drums and guard struggled at times. Some noticeabl
  5. Have a seat on the 50 tonight and the weather should be ideal. Looking forward to it!
  6. Since I have a few hours to kill I've post my thoughts/predictions. My opinion only . . . I don't flame people for what they think, so please extend the same courtesy to me. Yes, I know all the performers work extremely hard all summer and should be applauded (and I do that). But it is a competition, so here goes . . . Non-Finalists: Really loved some of the Open Class shows - very high level of creativity. Pacific Crest in particular was a highlight. Madison - all of the talent is there but they need to program better. Hope to see them rebound with a bang next season. 12th - Boston
  7. Bloo finished strong, but felt the wind was taken out of their sails in the front half of the program. Could easily see them 3rd tonight only to bounce back tomorrow. Both Crown and Devils brought it tonight.
  8. There is so much to love in this SCV show. Initial impact is powerful, and then the ballad is just gorgeous. Drill has lots of eye candy.
  9. Sprung for semis today as well. As far as who has appeared so far - REALLY impressed by Legends . . . BIG brass sound. Spirit has cleaned up nicely since I saw them in July (especially the guard). SCVC - just a well put together production. Can easily see why they are scoring where they are.