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  1. Here are the Jim Ott High Brass trophies for 2015-2026 ... hot out of the wood shop! Ready to add Jim's photo and, of course, the winner!
  2. EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT from the Jim Ott Brass Ensemble:
  3. EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT from the Jim Ott Brass Ensemble:
  4. I beg to differ. I have observed over the last 13 years that a very high majority of Board Members of the corps that compose DCI have little to no idea what's going on within DCI. The individual corps directors ARE the corps, at DCI meetings.
  5. This video brought tears to my eyes ... The Blue Devils Special Needs Winter Guard. They are fantastic! PLEASE READ about them, and WATCH the video on this page: I am SO proud to be a part of the Blue Devils organization.
  6. DCI is a Marketing organization, that (should be) primarily concerned with putting b*tts-in-seats. It also is a regulatory body which has changed it's adjudication rules over the years to allow for different types of "acts". The entities responsible for making the activity more attractive (or "entertaining", or "fun", or ...) are the individual corps (or "acts"). People flock to see a "good act/corps" (whatever that individuals interpretation of 'good' is) ... and there is a general agreement as to what a "good corps" is. Typically (and I don't want to be harsh, but IMHO it is generally ac
  7. Well put ... what's done is done ... move on to a new season! And kudos to everyone in the Renegades who are keeping it alive!
  8. 1964 Plymouth Belvedere ... fastest car in BD (I almost got beat by John Y. once, though!) It was totaled RIGHT after I got back from Tour in '75 ... while I was turning into the parking lot at Lincoln HS in Stockton, CA. :-(
  9. I was President of the Renegades Association of California last year, until the time I resigned in September. I was not at DCA 2012, so I have no first hand knowledge of what transpired (i.e., "who did what?"). I do have 2nd had "evidence" of what transpired, which I received within two weeks after the completion of DCA (which was the first time I hard about any issues). I was the person who handled all negotiations between the Renegades and DCA. The Renegades were given ample opportunity by DCA to present their view of the issues, and did so. The decision for the Renegades to not perfor
  10. This is where I have to disagree with you, Daniel. There are only a few "best in the world" corps, just like there are only a few "best in the world car drivers", or a few "best in the world skiers". If every corps were "best in the world", then the entire audience would show up when to the gates open to watch all the corps. As it is, in most every drum corps show, a great number of people don't show up until "the good corps" are on. This was true 30 years ago, and it's true today. There are "the best" corps, and there are "up and coming corps" ... always has been, and always will be. I
  11. There are a lot of topics intermingled with this thread ... and all topics are valuable. Maybe this should be broken into a number of threads: 1) The Business of DCI: (IMHO) The "business of DCI" is to 1) Put Butts in Seats. Period. DCI is not "about the kids". It is (or should be) about marketing its product: Drum & Bugle Corps: 1) Advertising the product; 2) Contracting venues to present the product; 3) Sell the product; 4) Make sure the product sold is worth the price of admission. There is a "secondary business" of DCI, and that's the rules side, so that competing corps ca
  12. This TED-talk video should be watched by every Board Member and every Director of every Drum Corps, as well as every show sponsor. It presents a way of thinking that is a real game-changer to how we think about non-profits. (It might help if some of you replace the words "non-profit" with "drum corps" and "for-profit" with "professional entertainers") Please watch: this entire video.
  13. The ONE change that will put the Drum Corps activity back onto (or at least a chance at) a path of success is: Change the governance structure of Drum Corps International: Remove all of the individual corps directors from the Board of Directors (as they are really considered "interested parties"), and replace them with a brand new board that are: 1) Not affiliated with any one drum corps; 2) have a passion for the activity; and 3) are extremely successfully business people in their respective fields (i.e., Marketing, Business Development, Law, Technology, Logistics, etc.). THAT is pretty
  14. Please join us tonight at 5pm Pacific / 6pm Mountain / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern for a live streaming webcast of a concert featuring Tuba virtuoso Oystein Baadsvik ... free! A protégé of distinguished Indiana University music professor Harvey Phillips and Arnold Jacobs (40-year tuba player with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra), Baadsvik’s international career began in 1991 when he won two prizes at the prestigious Concours International d’Exécution Musical in Geneva. He has since carved out a unique career as a soloist, chamber player, lecturer, and recording artist who has performed aroun