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  1. I am an alumnus of the Madison Scouts, and I have donated to them through the 1938 Corps initiative for the past few years. I’m of the opinion that the corps should evolve with the times, and those who aren’t on board are ultimately of no consequence. However, that thought cuts both ways...if they decide not to evolve with the times, the opinions of those who think they should don’t really matter. When I saw their first few performances, I discontinued my contributions.
  2. I'm fairly certain that, since he now has a director of bands position where he is responsible for budgets, graduate students, and overseeing the direction of an entire program, he'll have significantly less time on his hands.
  3. I think the Blue Devils are absolutely amazing this year. I wouldn't like other groups to try to copy them, though, because nobody else could do what they do that well. There are a lot of good designers these days, but the folks at BD are on their own level.
  4. Congratulations on a great achievement, Spirit! Way to go!
  5. Bingo. I think looking to drum corps to hear the finest in music composition and performance is like going to Qdoba to enjoy the finest in cuisine. It's still good, but a different kind of good.
  6. This is funny to me. What exactly does "two points cleaner" look like?
  7. Their percussion instructor is the snare drummer/MC from the Youngblood Brass Band, if you're familiar with them.
  8. Good for Andy, Todd, and Spirit! These are two great teachers and great guys! The brass players at Spirit will have a great experience this year, I'm sure.