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  1. The real parade had actually ended - it didn't even go past Macy's. We walked over a block or two and reset everything for that last dash down the narrow street.
  2. I have an extra ticket for Thurs and Friday nights. Thur: Section 140, Row 14, $55 Fr: Section 239, Row 6, $75 email me at cameron.kaszas@medtronic.com
  3. If this were a sport, then whether it is the performer or the designer would actually matter. But, ... DRUM CORPS IS NOT A SPORT! Give me art! Yes, the kids gotta perform it, but I want professionals to design it, thank you.
  4. What if those are the "right" ones? And we just tossed them? Possibly the best judges aren't afraid to go out on the limbs.
  5. Is there Wi-Fi in Lucas Oil? With low seats I'm considering syncing a previous VOD to the corps real time to have the high cam on iPad to complement my up close seats. Wonder how well that could work?
  6. More than 1 corps makes a fleur de lis this year, though. How will it know which to mark down?
  7. And the computer could handle the scoring such that each corps would start with the same score and then for each tic (as you are calling it), the computer deduct some set amount.(0.01?, 0.1?, we'd have to experiment probably) from that starting total. This souinds like it has some merit.
  8. 13stroke, you really can't be serious. You one of those people who submit bogus articles to journals trying to catch the editors napping at the wheel? And the more a person actually knows on the subject the more obvious it is that the article is a complete joke? I guess it does get boring when a guy who actually knows something doesn't bite. Gotta say though, some of your posts were pretty entertaining.
  9. This is pretty awesome in my home theater on 70 inch Samsung :). Reflection and all!
  10. Ya think?! They had long been the crowd favorites that never won. Many thought they should have won once or twice already. If they didnt win that night there may have been rioting in the streets!
  11. It wasnt that people didnt enjoy Star's show. I always felt the reactions that night were due to practically everyone (it seemed) wanting the Cavaliers to win their first DCI. That has been my take on it all along.
  12. judging by your name and avatar, I get the feeling that isnt often
  13. Listen here to the Sebesky version from 1979: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32878659/The%20Rite%20Of%20Spring.mp3 My scanned album back cover:
  14. The sax/french horn/mello repetitive running notes/countermelody/lip killers during the big finish in Malaguena are the basis of the melody for Malaga :)
  15. The main theme of each consists of the same 4 notes... Malaga: E..FD.., FEDE.., GFD.. Malaguena EFG.., GGGG.FEDEF...
  16. This stadium project is pretty cool. Brings back some meories for me having matched in several of these. Can't wait to see more. Ypsilanti, Rice Univ., Lake Highlands TX, Alton IL, Michigan City, Port Huron MI, Malden MS, Horicon WI, Marion OH, South Pittsburgh TN (!!), Ogdensburg NY, the "old" Stillwater MN, Boston College, Bayonne NJ are all photos I'd like to see. Wow, I just found a box of drum corps stuff and it had iteneraries from 77-81. We had a show at Lambeau Field in 81. I don't remember.
  17. Mike, back in 1977, when I was a rookie in a small corps no that one here has ever heard of - with dreams of someday being in a big time corps - you were featured in the DCI Yearbook. Of course being 15 and impressionable and idolizing the Cavaliers like my son now idolizes NFL teams, I had pretty much memorized the yearbook. So you were my Tom Brady. Just thought you should know.
  18. Congrats Minnesota! Cam 2006 Madison Alumni Reunion Corps (mello) 1997-99 Minnesota Brass (mello) 1979-81 Madison Scouts (fr horn) 1976-78 Blue Knights, St. Paul, MN (fr horn)
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