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  1. Anyone else on the multicam stream just getting the high cam? posted from the DrumScorps app
  2. There’s definitely some etiquette lessons to be learned here.
  3. Signed and shared here, too. This district doesn’t understand how much damage they’re doing by putting a corps out like this. Plus, I want to see more drum corps in NoVa! If we can get enough corps stopping around here to rehearse, maybe we could get a show going!
  4. Looking forward to the next time Regiment and BK meet up. They’ve been neck and neck in separate shows, and it’ll be great to get a read side by side.
  5. What does the daughter or Rick Rogers have to do with any of this, aside from having marched with the corps a few years back?
  6. Go complain in all caps in the "I Don't Support DCI" Facebook page. You'll find a more receptive audience there, and you won't bother the rest of us.