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  1. Thanks for this story. 1982 Cadets is one of my favorites, just for the music.
  2. jthomas666

    TMEA 2019

    Exhibitors Looks like Blue Knights and DCI are it.
  3. 94 is good, but 93, imo, was on another level. That was kind of a weird year in that PR had a show that in most years would have run away with the title (seriously, the crowd had to have run out of babies to throw by the end of Fire of Eternal Glory; god only knows what they threw during Death Hunt), but that year Cadets and Star were in a league all their own.
  4. They played the same music for 3:15. Is that even legal these days? 😈
  5. Yeah. They could have edged past BD and Cavies for third, but something just wasn't clicking that night. Still one of my favorite shows, though.
  6. I was at DCI South in Birmingham, and when PR came out in the all whites, the entire crowd just went ooooOOOOOOOOooooooo.
  7. I dunno about "best", but I've always liked the drill at the end of the opener for Regiment in 89. Wild motion, culminating in an in your face company front. For that matter, a LOT of the 93 show should be considered., from the flying crabstep to fire of eternal glory to the "How in the name of God did they do THAT?" of the closing bars of Death Hunt.
  8. I will only say that I got a whole new appreciation for PRs 2010 drum line from the field judge's tape. I heard levels of detail that just weren't there in the standard recording.
  9. jthomas666

    Show About Time...

    Music from "Somewhere in Time" Adventures in Time visuals inspired by The Persistence of Memory Costumes that go from the Victoria era of The Time Machine to something ridiculously futuristic.
  10. jthomas666

    Downloads are up

    can we get some reports on the quality of the downloads?
  11. jthomas666

    Countdown 2008 dvd (Series?)

    I think they stopped putting out the DVDs because they realized they were undercutting the sales of the season championships. Still, a lot of great performances on those two discs!
  12. Naw; didn't you see the video: "I. AM. JOAN!" They're going to replicate Spartacus in every detail except for the female lead.
  13. Imma just gonna leave this here. 😎 OK, ok...this might be more useful.
  14. jthomas666

    A Message from DCI CEO Dan Acheson

    Given the various scandals of this past season, as well as the scandals that are apparently about to come to light, I can think of no legitimate reason for Atcheson not to speak to the reporter.
  15. jthomas666

    Electronics question

    At the Birmingham show I attended this past summer, most of the corps (possibly all, I didn't start looking for them til a few corps into the show) had their own generators. Given the wide variations in venues, I suspect it's effectively mandatory.