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  1. A great all-around guy, who never lost his passion for the activity. RIP.
  2. I don't care how many titles you have...if your audience has to do research to understand your show, you're doing something wrong.
  3. Rach Star really epitomized Crown's design philosophy in the 2000s--come up with a central conceit that, on paper, looks silly or twee, but then they utterly commit to it, and somehow make it work like gangbusters.
  4. It's a little ragged, and the transition to Canon sounds like they're on the verge of collapse, but yeah, it's one of the great high-energy closers.
  5. A great reminder of 1. What an incredible show this was 2. The insane degree to which multi-angle choices mangle the presentation of a show.
  6. I had forgotten how inhumanly clean their brassline was.
  7. I had forgotten how much I liked this show...
  8. That might be pushing it a bit. Vanguard definitely had a lush arrangement of Copland, but the Cadet's performance of "Make Our Garden Grow" is one of my all time favorites.
  9. Right there with you. It's sublime. Crazy enough that he didn't get an Oscar for it, but Morricone finally winning for The Hateful Eight is like Bob Newhart not winning an Emmy until he guest starred on The Big Bang Theory.
  10. These days, can ANYONE understand the subtleties of a show from a single viewing? More importantly, does it really matter? She's promoting the activity.
  11. One of my all-time favorite shows. I saw them at DCI South in Bham--they started filing out while the previous corps was finishing up; one look at the all-white unis and the entire crowd went "OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHhhhhhhhh". A magical, hypnotic show; They lost DCI South by .1; a .1 penalty dropped them behind BD. Don't know if they peaked too soon or just had a really bad night, but that show had the chops to be a contender.
  12. Wasn't one of the arguments for amplification that it would allow corps to reduce the size of the pits?
  13. That show was one baby-throwing moment after another. It's interesting that as strong a show as it was, there's not much controversy over their placement--Cadets and Star were just that good. Also, in this era of chop and bop, it's always refreshing to hear a corp let the music develop--Death Hunt is very close to a note-for note transcription. But dear Lord, Fire of Eternal Glory. One of my all-time favorite moments. THAT'S the Phantom Regiment identity.
  14. Oh yeah, if you've just watched the standard video, you only think you know how good this group was. The judge's tape lets you hear all manner of additional details. One of my all time favorite shows.
  15. That's really between the judges and their significant others, don't you think?
  16. Everything about that show was flat out fun.
  17. Send them a chart graphing PRs placement over the last ten years? Video of last year's show?
  18. I still don't like the break in FoE, and yes, the "I Am Joan" just doesn't work. Comes across as a desperate attempt to trade on past glory--as does the corps' entrance, more than just a little reminiscent of Into the Light. Agreed with the huts. It's kind of like they're trying to do a variant on Stations of the Cross or something, but it's hard to make out the visual. There seem to be lots of phasing issues (could have just been a bad recording, I guess). Having the corp change uniforms piecemeal doesn't work; there's not enough visual impact. It's not so much tha
  19. Another solid show from these guys/ Still not entirely clear on the storyline, but the corps is selling it. Absolutely love the drum feature.
  20. 1988 Blue Devils -- This is the Blue Devils show I listen to most often (along with 89) 1993 Regiment -- May have been 3rd, but a LOT of babies got thrown during this show.