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  1. The juxtaposition of these two sentences is hysterical.
  2. Only if they are playing music from Caddyshack.
  3. Do we call The Cadets "Cadets" or "The"? Another person who refers to "Phantom"
  4. This argument would be valid if even a single show were shown from start to finish. Otherwise, the newbie simply can't fully appreciate what drum corps is all about--and if the newbie can't really appreciate it, then how likely is it that the newbie will be drawn in? It's like showing someone who's never seen a baseball game a clip of a guy swinging a bat, a guy throwing a ball, and a guy sliding into home and asking them if they like the game.Of course DCI has to protect it's product--but showing a single show in its entirety--or even--dare I say it--two shows --isn't cutting into profits. Anyone who would be satisfied with the the winning performance is not someone who would be buying finals dvds in any event.
  5. Don't get me wrong. I agree that the supplemental material helps sell drum corps to outsiders. And a lot of the segments were solid. But I don't think we needed that much. With only a little judicious editing, we could have seen the top three shows in their entirety without sacrificing any of the substance of the extras.We didn't get to see a single show in its entirety. That, IMO, is a travesty. BYMMV. And, btw, I'd be much more likely to buy the DVDs if I had a better idea of what I was getting.
  6. I'm watching the telecast on ESPN2, and I am terribly disappointed. It's a two hout telecast, and at best maybe 20-25 minutes has been given to the actual shows. It's ridiculous. I'm sure some of the filler stuff is interesting, but it can easily be trimmd back to allow more time for the shows--which is the point of the telecast, so I thought. And they are still recycling that bit with the drummer hooked up to the telemetry. Taht piece is what, 4 years old now? I can kind of understand only showing parts of the bottom corps, but from what little I saw, Phantom Regiment had a spectacular show, one that, IMO probably should have won, and we got two minutes? That is an insult to the viewers and to the corps.