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  1. I can't help but wonder how many similar posts were made when Crown announced their show last year...
  2. I have never marched a corps, but my initial reaction it that you should float the idea to the staff first.
  3. I've always been partial to Cadets 85, Make Our Garden Grow.
  4. Something like that. The bulk of the music came from the Nutcracker.
  5. 87 was one of my favorite PR shows. I was Bham for DCI South that year, and when they came out in the solid white unis the entire crown just went, "whooooaaaaaa". Great show from beginning to end. And who cares of they tell a story, so long as they tell it well? Think of the crowd response if at the end of the show, Spartacus runs across the field and kills the Mouse King. ;)
  6. 1. Slot corps. 2. Juggle numbers accordingly. :devil:/>
  7. Can't believe no one's mentioned it already. SCV 80-81 9th place to champion.
  8. While we're at it, let's have the guard spin and toss unsheathed sabers and loaded rifles. It's will give them a greater incentive to do it right.
  9. The phrase "About frakking time" comes to mind.Congrats, all!
  10. Read somewhere that Bernstein sent the Cadets a nice letter of congratulations after one of their championships--can't remember which one, though.
  11. I thought that synch rights only arose with the advent of DVDs, and weren't an issue w/ VHS (though other rights did apply).
  12. Many thanks for this. I'd like to suggest that this be permanently pinned at the top of the Historical Junior Corps board.
  13. The Bridgemen started recruiting dancers for their guard in the late 70s, and were incorporating some dance moves into the show even then. Spirit's magnificent guards of the mid-late 80s also had a lot of dance going on.
  14. I think they grasp it just fine. They just think that the ability to engage that audience should be a key component of "effective design".
  15. I was at finals for 84. There were a couple of high school band directors sitting with me, and the Cadet's CF--crap, pretty their entire show--left us speechless.
  16. Or, for that matter, how do you include 2000 Cavies but not 2000 Cadets? On the other hand, it might be worth it just for the remixed 1996 Regiment. I still maintain that the original 1996 DVDs were mastered by someone with a severe ear infection.
  17. "Fair" has nothing to do with it. Phantom Regiment is a private organization; as such, they can determine what their artistic needs are, much in the same way that Madison and the Cavies are free to maintain their all-male tradition.