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  1. SOLD FOR SALE - my Kanstul Powerbore KSB-102/102G Sopraon (with a package) …. The package includes: Powerbore Soprano Protect case – perfect condition Mouthpiece ( if you want one) - your choice 3C or 7C Replacement water key rubber caps, 6-total..2 for each key. Kanstul P/N’s-- 21, B2, E2 Replacement water key corks. Kanstul P/N -- (b) Replacement slide Stop Knob. Kanstul P/N -- E4 (1) 8oz Blue Juice Valve Oil – a $30+ value (1) New tube Yamaha Slide Grease (1) NEW jar HERCO Spitballs Cleaning brushes – MP, Valves and Pipe Snake (1) Package 3M Tarni-Shield Protectors (2) NEW Sunshine Polishing Cloths (1) NEW Blitz Silver Care Cloth (1) Bell Hoodie (cover) (1) Horn Stand I realized one of the Stop Screws was missing, I placed an order with Kanstul for a replacement. Today, 2/14/19, they informed me they have shut down all operations and won't even ship replacement parts. This is from their website: Effective immediately, Kanstul Musical Instruments is putting a hold on new orders for instruments, parts and accessories. We are undergoing a transition that requires an indefinite halt in production. In the meantime, the Kanstul family and team want to express our deep appreciation to our customers, business partners and friends for the business and incredible support we’ve received over the 38 years since Zig Kanstul founded the company. We will update on any further developments. UPDATE: on 2/15 it will be listed on eBay and local sites. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Alumni corps looking for 4, Key of G, Bari's. Would like them to be in very good condition, no junk. Send me a PM. Thanks Dave
  3. The Park City Pride has a limited number of openings still available for their annual Golf outing. It’s set for Monday August 2, 2010. Location: Whitney Farms Golf Course 175 Shelton Road [Route 110] Monroe, CT Fee: $130 PP Includes: Shot Gun Best Ball Scramble 18-holes w/Cart Lunch Dinner [Cash Bar] PRIZES-PRIZES-PRIZES Lots of FUN and LAUGHS Contact: Glen Broadbent 203-723-5264 bfbbent@sbcglobal.net Spend some time with your friends of yesteryear, or make some new ones.
  4. What a great event, like many others I was unable to see most of the corps so the posting of the photos, and audio files, were GREATLY appreciated. The many comments about age, music and event attendance are very interesting and filled with much merit. I’m with the Park City Pride, we love that we favor the older corps tunes, and try to bring them a bit up to date. We always get a kick when we hear people singing, or whistling, them after a performance. Great music/songs never go out of style, or favor, you just always seem to know the words or put a memory too them. The age thing, we have an average age of 60, WOW did I just admit to that? We, originally, were made up of individuals from 9 junior corps [within Fairfield County, CT] from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Unlike the Cabs for example, we don’t have a feeder corps to help support our alumni group. Our former corps have long since passed on. But, even if we get smaller by the year, it would be a great disappointment having to pack it in because of a lack of show attendance. It’s always a great treat to spend time with other alumni groups, regardless of corps affiliation, location or age. How great to be with people that love the same thing you do, and after decades come back to do it again.
  5. --------------------------------------------------------- Sorry Bill, it's SOLD.
  6. ----------------------------------------------- I will be selling my Powerbore at the end of this month, I will be posting it here and on eBay, I just need to finish out this years event schedule. It comes with a gig bag. At the start of this season, I had Kanstul replace the following: o All 3 Finger Buttons o All 3 Rubber Bumpers o All 3 Top Caps o All 3 Valve Stem Assemblies o All 3 Brass Valve Guides o All 3 Valve Springs o All Water Corks You can see from the pictures it's in beautiful condition, plating is 100%, no dents or dings, just some light marks from the horn hitting the buttons on my shirt when going to parade rest. S/N 3633 PM with any questions. Dave
  7. -------------------------- Not the same horn, the one I'm talking about was located in TN and just sold on March 3rd for $610 plus $25 to ship, the listing does state that it was new in Feb 2007, and no case or MP comes with it. You can still see the listing, even though it's closed, the item number was 320344550990. I must admit I’m very interested in how the sale turns out, as I’m forced into selling mine. It was purchased in Feb 2005, used in my alumni corps for 2 seasons [2005 and 2006] and has since sat in its Protec case. No dents, No dings and only a minor mark, or two, from the horn hitting my uniform buttons when going to parade rest.
  8. Kanstul's 2009 price has the KSB-102 Powerbore listed at $880 plus shipping [$20-$25?], $900 delivered? Spending another $225 for a new one is a considerable leap from $675 delivered. The gig bag is a bit disappointing over having the Protec case, but then a 2007 model just sold on eBay for $610 without a bag. I guess it depends on how bad someone wants one.
  9. Thanks to all for the interest, a sale is pending.
  10. I've sent messages to those who have posted looking for such horns, now for others who might be interesed. Member of Alumni corps relocating and no longer needs, more pictures available. No plating loss, no dents and no noticeable dings. $275 including case, plus cost of shipping....PM if interested.
  11. A member of my alumni corps has a 3-valve Dynasty Soprano for sale. It’s been in the case of nearly a year now, as he had hoped to rejoin the corps after his illness but can not. The horn doesn’t have a single ding, or dent. All the silver plating appears to be intact, well there isn’t one bit of brass showing, but it kind of looks like either the plating has thinned or it may just be tarnish from sitting so long. Asking $310 including a ProTec style case [open to offers] plus reasonable cost for shipping, I have pictures.
  12. A member of my alumni corps has a 3-valve Dynasty Soprano for sale. It’s been in the case of nearly a year now, as he had hoped to rejoin the corps after his illness but can not. The horn doesn’t have a single dent or ding. All the silver plating appears to be intact, well there isn’t one bit of brass showing, but it kind of looks like either the plating has thinned or it may just be tarnish from sitting so long. Asking $310 including a ProTec style case, open to offers, plus reasonable costs for shipping and I will have pictures available. PM me.
  14. My corps is looking for a Universal Brass (soprano, bari, mello and so on) Repair Kit, does anyone know where we can get one? Those kits I’ve found are for bands and have all the woodwind parts as well, don’t want to pay $300 for a lot of items we won’t use. Thanks
  15. I have one, and it is based on the Rudy Muck but the throat is smaller than the vintage 17C Muck of this design (I have one of those also). I prefer the vintage as I feel the larger bore of the throat produces a better tone. Well let's say supports it, I believe it's the player not the MP that executes tone quality. I first got the IYM Corp after trying a friends, I liked the comfort and was searching for upper register support. I guess it’s a question of what you’re looking for as to whether it’s going to be the one for you. However it is well made. Hope this helps. Dave
  16. I've even called him and left a message, still nothing. ----------------------------------- AND Hi Ed, sorry I missed you in Rochester, still love the shirt and we will be ordering a few more soon. Dave PCP
  17. I, and a friend, also still waiting on our emailed request.
  18. -------------------------------- --------------------------------- I was part of the Drum Corps glory day’s way back when, in Bridgeport, and our corps The Park City Pride is trying to bring them back…check out the Jr. DCI show we are holding…. http://www.theparkcitypride.org/Special_Ev...2006_PayPal.htm I agree the BF has real problems, I even had family members who didn’t attend this year because they wanted to see a good old fashion corps competition, and then some alumni exhibitions. We hope to see you all at our show, July 29th.
  19. Ed, what can I say…but that…..the shirts are AWESOME first quality for the shirt and the printing. I’m not sure that the 30 we ordered will be enough. Turns out we have 42-soprano’s on the Park City Pride roster…I’ll let you know. Dave
  20. If you have not seen PAETEC here is a link: http://www.rhinossoccer.com/stadium/ As my daughter and son-in-law live in Rochester I won't knock it. However, the stadium has very limited parking, no areas for warm-up and the surrounding area is not considered the safest. We toured the area while visiting over the Christmas holidays, don't expect the rolling green hills and meadows of Scranton. Still, it's a great town.
  21. --------------------------------------------- And more than once, through out history, someone has bought the Brooklyn Bridge. Value is only either in the eyes of the beholder, or one who has more money than brains (by the way I play a Powerbore).
  23. Thank you Brent. Just to clarify on my behalf, I sent my request to his email address, from my home address containing my real name and contact info, weeks ago. I called and left at least to 2-phone messages doing the same, weeks ago. I sent you an email (director@mnbrassinc.org) this morning from my home address with the same info. Thank you for responding to my concerns. I do understand just how busy he must be in doing this in addition to a full-time job, it’s just with a desire to acquire 6+ Sop’s, 6+ Mello’s, 6+ Bari’s and 10 Contra’s I felt if I didn’t get acquire communication quickly nothing would be left. From your list it looks like I was right. Congrats to MBI on such a successful sale. Dave
  24. Mark, thank you for the help. I was using the contact information from the first posting, which is the same on the MBI web-site: Please call Jim Patterson at: 651-334-3825 cell, or jimlee1963@aol.com. I will try Brent.