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  1. I’m indeed sure that there has been great interest. On behalf of my corps, I‘ve sent several emails and left a few phone messages. Has anyone that has shown interest gotten any response at all? It’s understandable that there may be many requests in ahead of mine but it’s been weeks. A, “thanks but no thanks they are all sold” email, or call, would have been a sign of common courtesy. I'm sure you are very busy with this, but if you had time to post this sale you have time to address inquires in a timely manor.
  2. A NEW Rudy Muck 2nd Generation 13C mouthpiece. These, Silver Plated, mouthpieces are selling for $55, or so, plus shipping. This one is beautifully plated with (a warm satin like finish) 24K GOLD, which runs another $30+. Not looking for $85-$100 for it, but only $65 including shipping. Pictures of actual item upon request, in other words I can’t figure out how to post them here. ------ Oh well, I tried it, it's not for me....because I did use it I'm DROPPING THE PRICE TO $55-SHIPPED.
  3. Hi OLDTIMER: My goodness, you think I was excited and was slapping down former competition, you need to leave the PC and get out more. I’m sure that with all the many girl corps there have been many are missing from the list and only tried to point out a corps that actually had 3-national titles not 2. I wasn’t a corps member, just a fan, but I am currently in a combined alumni corps with some former members and they are still champs. About the DCA, again... we’re all entilted to our opinions. Great discussion! ---Dave---
  4. It’s unfortunate that the 2-time…1969 & 1970 World Open Champions… The NDettes, of CT, were left off the list of choices. Some of those that are listed actually backed out of a head-to-head against them. These kick butt ladies have my vote, and there’re just as talented 35 years later as members of an Alumni Corps. I’ve watched today’s DCA….one might question if it should even be considered Drum Corps (the structure, not the talented individuals)…just my opinion.
  5. In the mid-60's played Soprano, a Getzen, with the Bridgeport PAL Cadets, retired at the end of 1967 season. In March 2004 I returned to Drum Corps with the Park City Pride Combined Alumni Corps. I started with the same horn, but now it's a Kanstul Powerbore purchased new in Feb of 05. 37 years....You just never get Drum Corps out of your blood!!!! B)