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  1. 99- SCV/BD tie! I was there and SCV rocked that house. I especially remember when they announced the scores for 1st and the WHOLE stadium started to chant SCV!SCV!....Awesome night! My Vote SCV!
  2. DCI Season Pass should do a special segment on this...Great idea!!
  3. I agree that remakes really don't do well, especially when it placed very well for a corps. Would like to see SCV re-do: Phantom Miss Saigon On the Waterfront Appalachin....Pick any show! my list goes on, but it would really need to be done in a new/awesome way so not to sound like the original year it was played.
  4. Im more concerned about the Amps and vocal. Well not really the amps, I think the pit should be plugged in to save the life of the instruments, But he VOCALs got to go. I found them more distracting and took away from the shows.
  5. I heard the same thing.about SCV having a Great Saturday show. Can't wait for the new season to start! :)
  6. :o VOLUNTEERS? If they are indeed volunteers and not being payed then Hats off to them. I'll stop my complaining of the site.
  7. I hope DCI can handle all of the Alumni Corps wanting to perform. They may have to draw straws. Perhaps an ALLSTAR Alumni Corps that has SCV, BD, VK, Freelancers, Kingsmen, etc... I know, I know, it's not the same. I don't know why I'm even typing it. Go ahead a start swinging... :sshh:
  8. SCV just added some more FREE stuff to the site.... Encore performance of "Music of the Night" from their 88/89 show...I got goosebumps!
  9. Just listened to the hornline warm-up...Pretty cool!
  10. SCV 40th Anniversary, big things already in the works for the organization: A Corps Cadet Corps Alumni Corps
  11. RUMORS HAVE IT.. Plans are already in the work to make this happen. Top twelve at Spartan Stadium... Brew Ha ha!!! B) CALIFORNIA HERE I COME!!! WAIT ! I LIVE HERE!!!
  12. Check out SCV's website for updates from this week along with FREE audio and video clips. ENJOY! Santa Clara Vanguard