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  1. Good choice, Cadets 2007 gets my vote as well. Crown 2014 could crank it,too.
  2. Hear hear, well said. Can we all agree that hearing "America the Beautiful," or the national anthem, or anything, played badly by a poorly coordinated, ill-rehearsed group is not a good thing?
  3. Matt is a high school band director in central New Jersey.
  4. #1 Likewise, I never pretended to speak for any contingent of the "farmer" community, or anyone but myself. To anyone, agriculturally inclined or otherwise, who enjoys it, go ahead on, by all means. But I'll pass. None for me, thanks. #2 Can't say I disagree on your second point. The taunting, trash talking and childish showboating engaged in by athletes, whether professional or scholastic, is completely distasteful to me. Peace, Fred O.
  5. Depends on your point of view, I suppose. Not trying to be a self-righteous blowhard, and as I said earlier, if you find it entertaining, indulge yourself, by all means. But Standford, Princeton, any of the various "bands" of that ilk - I don't find them entertaining at all, either musically or humor-wise. Fred O.
  6. As I said in an earlier post, if you find it entertaining, then who am I to argue? But no thanks, I'll pass. Regards as always, thanks for the dialogue. Fred O.
  7. But the extent to which low budget antics have gone mainstream still doesn't make the Stanford Band, or Nicky Minaj giving the finger to the Super Bowl audience, or Seth MacFarlane singing "we saw your t*ts" on some tv award show any less tasteless, imo.
  8. Like I said, if that's your bag, then knock yourself out, have fun. But none for me, thanks. Peace, holiday regards. Thanks for the dialogue. Fred O.
  9. A fun thing, perhaps. But the whole we're-smarter-and-hipper-than-you-and-everybody-knows-it-so-it's-OK-for-us-to-act-like-snarky-a**holes act is tiring - puerile and low budget. Seth Macfarlane, anyone? Ugh, none for me, thanks. Peace, Fred O.
  10. Kind of a no-man-sees-my-face and-lives vibe, eh? Peace, holiday regards to all...
  11. Hey, my reply disappeared? I meant no disrespect or ill will, to anyone. my point was/is that the mega 400+ groups look really congested, the work of the high end drill designers notwithstanding. But I still think 150 can look overpopulated, especially with the variety of flotsam and jetsam corps lug onto the field these days. I enjoy the modern era, absolutely - but there's something to be said for the elbow room that the 128 -135 teams offered their members (and their viewing audience) in years gone by. It is, as you say, a matter of perspective, perspective, perspective. Peace, holiday regards, Fred O.