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  1. Yes, we have many members between the ages of 18-21 along with ageouts. I encourage you to visit us online and review the 2014 Membership Details. If you have any question please contact me at Thanks & Good Luck!
  2. Vanguard Cadets have 1 trumpet and 1 baritone spot. Contact Mannie at
  3. Don't forget... SCVC Brass Workshop begin this upcoming Sunday More info click here >> GO SCVC
  4. Vanguard Cadets just posted 2012 information with fees... check it out >> GO SCVC
  5. SCVC Brass Workshops The Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets will be hosting FREE brass workshops to those interesting in joining the 2012 season. New and existing members are strongly encouraged to attend to start conditioning for the upcoming season. Those who are planning to audition for the A-Corps are also invited to attend. This is a perfect opportunity regardless of corps to practice along side with returning members of both corps and get a good insight from instructional staff of what you need to prepare and to expect at the upcoming auditions in December for both A-Corps and Cadet Corps. Brass Workshop Dates 11/13 - SCV Hall - 9am-4pm 11/20 - SCV Hall - 9am-4pm 12/4 - Independance H.S - 9am-4pm ***Trumpets are to bring their own horn and all others your mouthpiece (LARGE BORE FOR BARITONES). Wear clothes for marching (no jeans) and a music stand will be needed as we have a very small supply on hand.
  6. 2012 Vanguard Cadets Clinic/Audition Weekend December 16, 2011 - December 18, 2011 Event Site: Independence High School 1776 Educational Park Drive San Jose, CA 95133 More Information click here Go SCVC
  7. What type of Smartphone do you use? Corps are starting to come out with APPs for smartphone devices mainly iPhones but can get costly for a corps to produce an APP for each platform. Maybe this poll will help develop more APPs for other devices or is it better to develop a mobile website, another way around the APP market entirely.
  8. SCV is great on helping you find housing just like during the summer program. Alot of current members will house people or even alumni. You just need to bring it up when you are audioning and receive a spot in the winter guard. Good luck!!!
  9. UMMM... Santa Clara Vanguard 1989 / 98.8 . Highest score in DCI, stood untouched for 13 years
  10. Vanguard Cadets 2011 Awards Banquet October 2nd more info at
  11. from another forum topic - SCV: Sym #5 (totally different approach than Phantom)
  12. Rick South helped out with Vanguard Cadets this past season up until they left for DCI.
  13. WOW! Thats a big error. Not that it's gonna changed rankings, but credit is due where credit is do. The kids deserve it! Here's the link to write DCI.... nothing will happen until people complain.
  14. If SCV were to do Phantom again I would like them to explore the 2004 movie soundtrack. Andrew re-wrote and added some new charts... But on the other hand, i dont think it will ever live up to 88/89.