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  1. Took it the same way, but I for one am too small a part of this GW community to want to be responsible for getting it locked. So my lips are zipped.
  2. Start shaking your head now, Chas, cuz you will be after you watch that movie. Guaranteed.
  3. Thanks for the update, Mr. Swiss Ambassador. Things have been rough down South, and our thoughts are headed in that direction. Auto-immune conditions like Lupus go undiagnosed sometimes for years, only getting figured out after they've done a lot of damage. Hoping that Don and his wife are able to hang tough until all this eases up. If any Moderators are reading, yet another reason to temper such decisions as "Lifetime" bans. Our lives are short enough when we arrive on Earth, shorter still by the time we get to this "Planet". Folks can use all the personal connections they can get, even if they don't exhibit charm learned at Miss Lily's Finishing School for Young Ladies. In the meantime we'll continue to monitor back channels such as Ambassador Tony. Just makes me sad. Also a little Sad that GW has been so slow...
  4. Not that there have ever been any issues with Coke in our beloved activity...
  5. Man, were the Montreal crowds great or what? Still remember the crowd singing en masse and the reaction to my '84 Bridgemen. They loved showmanship, excellence, pizazz. That was a crowd that "got it"...
  6. Respectfully (and I mean that) can you, or do you wish to expand on your disagreement? I'm always interested in reasons "not to get along"... And please accept that I'm not baiting you - at 63 I've seen a lot of change, and at times feel that I don't understand a lot of the world in which I live.
  7. Great place to march - like the Dream at Roosevelt Stadium you had no idea of where you were relative to the sidelines, but a great crowd of appreciative fans. Coldest showers in the friggin' Universe too. Freeze the ##### off a brass monkey.
  8. Interesting reactions to an interesting post. I haven't been reading many of the threads on DCP - I've aged out of most of them - so I don't know if this is topical or relative to something on these forums. I don't know what triggered this one - I can imagine any number of catalysts. I also believe that it has become difficult to write or even talk about discrimination in our society as a whole and our activity as a microcosm. I've given up trying to do it for any number of reasons, not because I don't think it's an important, even critical subject, but because I don't want to initiate a crap slinging contest (not that those happen on DCP - we left all of that on RAMD, right?) But I'm glad that someone of Frank's stature and eloquence tackles the issue - it's sad that it still needs tackling in the 21st Century, but it does. Makes me feel a little sad with next week being the memorial service for one of the activity's great men, who, sort of like Bill Russell, was bigger than the race issue that he lived with on a daily basis. I once chided Gene (Bennett II) about working with a group that had denied membership to African Americans in the 60s, his heyday as a marching participant. It wasn't really my place but I naively said "Gene, they wouldn't have let you march there - why would you work with them now?" His response, "Fallon, if I avoided everyone that's ever ###### me off I'd have no one to talk to." Some folks just rise about this issue, in my opinion the original sin of the original colonies and later our great country - they just get it, and won't let bitterness keep them from greatness. But what a shame that this level of magnanimity was, and is still necessary for some to succeed. The term "Why can't we all just get along?" has been turned into a (bad) comic one-liner. As to whether the framers intended sellers of ice cream cones to make them available to all, maybe they didn't, and maybe you can't legislate it, but if that's the only way we can have ice cream cones (or whatever it is that's being kept from some of us), I'll pass. I don't need the calories At any rate, as I often do, I find myself being proud (or maybe envious?) of Frank's ability to craft a message and his courage in going where it needs to be said, but probably won't reap many rewards for him. I've long since given up on Peace on Earth, or even much hope of one nation under God, (or pretty much anyone else), but I hope the flame never burns out - the voice telling us how much better we could be if we had the will. "Besides, they're all the same, in essence. They'll figure it out." Or not... But in the meantime, Thanks, Frank... They don't have to like it, but it never hurts to hear (or read) it.
  9. Used to be the party at "Town Hall" in Union City after The Dream. Those Skyliners knew how to throw them back.
  10. Happy to see that team. Congratulate Danny and Dolores for me - and Phil for Ricky.
  11. Greg Gowern too of course... just sayin' But Rudy is a hellova drummer
  12. Take care dude - many folks live long active otherwise healthy lives after a heart attack. Be healthy and keep us in the loop, even if you have to use back channel diplomacy, like the Swiss Embassy of drum corps planet - TW.
  13. I had the pleasure of watching my grandson play trombone with the Fort Worth Youth Philharmonic Orchestra tonight. Up until recently I thought he was a cross-country runner, or basketball player, or baseball player that also played music, but watching his intensity on stage at Bass Hall, and listening to his playing (and watching the technique) shows me that at 14 he's a real player. Even neater is that their excellent tuba player was in Iceland looking at school (can't make this stuff up) so Kevin sat in on tuba, 2 seats over from Connor. What we do is worth something - in some cases it's worth a lot - we have inspired people to love music and to want to play better - in some cases to want to play supremely well. We've bought instruments, we've taught our kids, and more important we've gotten out of the way and gotten them better teachers when they had all we had to offer. Our activity has made a difference in the lives of thousands and thousands of kids, and almost 100% for the better - nothing's ever 100% good. The last piece tonight was "Jupiter" from Holst's "The Planets" I was listening to Connor playing the trombone part that the Cavies played - big and majestic and pulsing. Life is good. Life with music is better. Live with low brass music is best. Good night from the Lone Star State - back to frozen Boston (where it's supposed to snow again tomorrow) tomorrow night.