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  1. Prelims has been in the evening since my first championships weekend in 2005 (except 2014). 07 and 08 both started at 2pm according to some old dcp posts I dug up
  2. Reminds me of a more polished version of what they wore in 2015:
  3. There is not a rule against it. There used to be a rule regarding the number of members a DCA corps could add after DCI season ended, but that has since been nixed.
  4. I'm simply relaying what was told to us at the time. Perhaps other new corps applying for membership have had different experiences.
  5. I'm on staff for a DCA corps. As such, I received a copy of the rule book, along with specific instructions not to distribute it outside my corps. DCA is very picky about who has access to it. When we were reapplying to DCA for the 2014 season, we asked for a copy of the book so we could design our show to fit the rules, and were denied access to it. Only member corps are allowed.
  6. DCA considers corps international if they come from outside North America, so Grennies and other Canadian corps were eligible for full membership.
  7. The information is notoriously difficult to get a hold of, even for new corps who are applying for membership. I don't blame anyone for remembering the older version of the rules and not being able to find an update.
  8. To clear up some confustion, from the 2017-2018 rule book: Order of Performance (Prelims) Corps will appear in the order of their highest score during the regular season at DCA sanctioned contests, with the highest scoring corps appearing last. If a corps has no DCA sanctioned contest score, but has a score from a DCI competition scored on DCA sheets, that will be their seeding score. All ties will be decided by drawing. In the absence of the availability of a seeding score for a competing corps, order of appearance shall be any unseeded Associate Member corps, followed by seeded Associ
  9. I think it's pretty clear that Jeff is referring to the years Class A has had more corps, like in 2010 when it was bigger than Open Class
  10. I'm sorry, I phrased that poorly and didn't mean to offend. Thank you for supporting small corps, both financially and in person. Very often it feels like there are not many who do appreciate us, which is why, to me at least, having an arena with meaningful results, where we can push each other to perform and to grow, is so very important. Of course there are many small corps that don't last; losing a key group of members or source of funding can quickly sink small operations like that, especially when so many are traveling so far to participate. I can't see how eliminating Class A wou
  11. I'm not sure how many Class A-sized corps would want to drive halfway across the country (note: all but one this year are from outside the NE) to get ~12th-17th place in front of a practically empty stadium every year. Groups like Chops, Govies, Southern Knights, and previously Atlanta CV, Alliance, Vigilantes, Gulf Coast Sound, High Country Brass, or SoCal Dream may not have considered DCA to be worth their time and money if they would have had to go head-to-head with the big boys right off the bat (yes, even 80 members seems big when you're tallying up at around 45). Having a venue where we
  12. That's the thing though, if Govies go on with the rest of class A first, then they wouldn't be in the same block as the open class corps they are actually scoring closer to. Their score would already be locked in. Obviously there will never be a perfect system, but considering there are very real benefits at stake for making top 10 regardless of class (full DCA membership, cash bonus), I like that seeding is also done regardless of class.
  13. Me too, but ours was plaid. There was also one tied to the frame of our truck for a long time. I know it survived the switch to our new trailer a few years ago, but I am not sure if it is still in there now.
  14. But the Class A corps can still qualify for voting membership if they get one of the 10 highest scores, and having them automatically go on before all open class corps could be disadvantageous in that regard.