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  1. The Kilties will hold their annual Open House/Membership Weekend on December 3/4, 2016. More details to follow!!! In the meantime: http://www.kilties.com/index.php/faq We Winna Be Dauntit! ~Since 1934~
  2. The Kilties very first Drum Major has passed................ http://www.lifestorynet.com/obituaries/harald-p-kahlert.113761 "We Winna Be Dauntit"
  3. The Kilties are seeking a bottom bass drum performer for the remainder of the 2016 season. Three select brass positions are also available for application. Visit The Kilties website to submit a form to request further information. http://www.kilties.com ~Since 1934~
  4. Catch the breeze of wearin' a kilt!!! The Kilties have several 2016 season performance opportunities for the right individuals. Four brass positions Two battery positions Two Color Guard Visit The Kilties website at http://kilties.com and submit a request for more information........... .....it's that simple!! ~Since 1934~
  5. On Saturday May 22, 2016...... The Kilties were DONE!! The corps completed the remaining final visual piece to complete the corps' entire 2016 production titled, "The Gael". On Sunday the corps reviewed sets and segments of the show from "top to bottom", both visually and musically. The Kilties will now take the Memorial Day Weekend off so the membership of the organization can enjoy time with family and friends over the upcoming extended holiday. Arriving from Japan, the corps also welcomed their international membership this weekend! The Kilties next full corps camp will be on June 4th and 5th at Gilmore Middle School in Racine, Wisconsin. Yes, there are several performance opportunities that presently exist in each section; brass, color guard and percussion. Visit The Kilties website to inquire about existing opportunities. http://www.kilties.com "We Winna Be Dauntit!" ~Since 1934~
  6. Due to questionable weather.................. The Kilties will be rehearsing indoors at Washington Park High School Field House in Racine on Saturday April 30th. The corps will be outdoors on Sunday May 1 at Gilmore Middle School in Racine. "We Winna Be Dauntit!" ~Since 1934~
  7. The Kilties will be gathering on Saturday, April 30 & Sunday, May 1 for full corps outdoor rehearsals. Rehearsals will be held at Gilmore Middle School in Racine. The corps finished up the visual portion of their opening number plus well into their second number at their previous camp and will continue to move forth finishing and refining the entire first half of their 2016 production, "Gael Storm",...............plus more! There are limited openings available in each section; brass, color guard and percussion. To apply for membership visit: http://www.kilties.org/index.php/join 2016 Performance Season Schedule: http://www.kilties.org/index.php/news-archive/74-kilties-release-2016-schedule "We Winna Be Dauntit!" ~Since 1934~
  8. UPDATED ABOVE FOR DATES!!! The Kilties completed 2/3rds of the visual aspect of the opening number at the March camp. The corps will move forward finishing the opening number at this upcoming April camp, plus continue onward to the second number. ~Limited and select brass, percussion and color guard performance opportunities are available~ "We Winna Be Dauntit!"
  9. The Kilties will hold their next full corps camp on March 19th and 20th! Saturday, March 19th, will be devoted to music and visual (section and sub-sectional time). Sunday, March 20th, The Kilties will be putting the beat to the feet and begin learning the visual portion of their 2016 production in a full field-house setting. Position opportunities are available in all sections. Visit the corps' website at http://www.kilties.com to apply for membership. ~Since 1934~
  10. The Kilties will be holding their second full corps rehearsal camp of 2016 on February 20th and 21st. Performing opportunities are open in all sections (brass, color guard, percussion) along with Drum Major/Conductor opportunities. Visit The Kilties website for information on the corps, requesting membership information and/or applying for membership. http://kilties.com/ "We Winna Be Dauntit"
  11. http://hosted.verticalresponse.com/1702045/c707f3cf28/TEST/TEST/
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9XtJSHKwTI
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9XtJSHKwTI
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