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    Nighthawks 1983-84, Troopers 1986-86, 88; Troopers pit arranger/instructor 1992
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    Troopers, SCV, Bluecoats, many more
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    Crown 2007, Madison 1992, Cadets 1983, to name a few
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    can't pick just one!
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    music (duh); drum corps (double duh); life is busy and that's a good thing

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  1. 92 by far is my favorite of the two. More than that, 92 Madison is one of my all time favorite drum corps shows. The entire thing is just so good, but the drum break, horn reentry, and tempo pick up to the end gets my heart racing every time!
  2. I’m a Trooper alum but I’m not in the know about the inner workings of the corps. I presume this is based on a connection to the community band folks in Costa Rica and I also presume that they are looking for talent outside of the high school age range - folks who can likely be here during the school year in CR. And because it is a partnership with a group in CR I also presume there has been the offer of space and maybe even some cost deferment. I think this is awesome and I hope it bears fruit.
  3. Troopers announce caption heads Tim Leonelli Brass Lauren Teel Percussion Andres Hernandez Visual Samantha Madayag Color Guard Steven Strom Sound
  4. Just quoting for two reasons: 1) Gotta like stuff about the home team, and 2) can we get back to the topic of staff announcements? Gender stuff is worth talking about - but maybe in its own thread please?
  5. You went to Spring HS?! That rivalry was well known in Houston. I went to Jersey Village a million years ago. We were never very good. (In the 1980s)
  6. I think that's a run that, if possible, would jump a place or two. It's all up to how the judges see the rest. I honestly haven't liked this Crown show much - until right this moment. That was EPIC.
  7. If anyone caught the multi cam version during Gabriel's Oboe, the drumline behind the props hyping at the horns made me smile! That's what this is all about!
  8. So, is anyone on the 50 a little bit bummed by how much of this Crown show is staged on the 35?
  9. I'm betting Dan Potter is going to be getting some, um.... comments.
  10. Madison, thank you so much for your energy and emotion. What a great way to end the season! Yes, I cried - it's the end of an era and I can't wait to see what 2020 brings for you!
  11. Yep. Got me having a dust in my eye moment myself. I remember that feeling all too well. Love you, Troop. Great last performance!
  12. Congratulations Genesis on a really fabulous and mature show performed really well. Proud to have you representing my town!
  13. The horns on the props is still one of my favorite things in DCI this year. So emotional and beautiful!
  14. Wow Legends! I hadn't had a chance to see it. Glad to have seen this really emotional performance of a good show!
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