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    1969 - 1971 Baritone Maple City Cadets - LaPorte, Indiana. Chairman - Cavaliers Pageant of Drums, DCI Great Lakes Open 2005 & 2006, DCI Open Class Quarterfinals 2008, 2009 Michigan City, Indiana
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  1. The parade is from 11:00 - 1:00. It starts at 10th & Franklin St. (U.S. 421) & heads south to Ames Field. Length of parade is 3/4 mile. The reviewing stand is just south of Barker Ave. about 1/4 north of Ames Field. The Ames Field area is also a good area because of the park there. All but one of the Ames Field parking lots are closed during the parade. The other lot will fill early with horse trailers & other parade participants vehicles. There are several bars & restaurants along the parade route & port-a-pots are located at Ames Field. Hope this helps.
  2. OOPS! Let's try that again. Sorry about that previous post. And we had them at the beach, filled their bellies with Perch, Salmon & Trout. Tomorrow, they'll be at the stadium again from 2 - 10. It's been alot of fun having them here. Great group of kid's & staff. Saturday, they'll be in the parade & their first appearance in the Pageant of Drums. They are excited to see the stadium packed. Backside stands full this year too. Mike
  3. I've been hosting Teal Sound in Michigan City since Friday. They will be here until July 5 and will return later in the month. I've known Randy, Brian & Lainey for several years. This is an outstanding group. The staff, volunteers & members are first class. We're having a great time while they are here. The corps performed a wonderful concert Friday for the community. If you are looking for a corps to march with, please consider Teal Sound. See you later this week Randy. Mike
  4. Last year, it was Nov. 26. See DCI.org news archives. Mike
  5. Most of the motels in Michigan City are in the same area just off I-94. This is a good area. Michigan City is a safe city for the most part. We do have our stinkers here and there like all cities. lol. A check on Monday with the area motels show they are near capacity Sun. Aug. 2 - Wed. Aug. 5. Even the two casino hotels are booked. But we are a summer tourist town. Feel free to PM me with any other questions. Stop & say HI next week. Mike
  6. I'm with you mom. I meant wake up the tabulator. Sorry, no offense. Didn't mean you. Mike
  7. It's not the judges, it's the tabulator. WAKE UP!! Mike
  8. Here's mine: 72, 74, 75, 81, 85, 99, 01, 02, 04, 05, 08
  9. Here's the 13 founding DCI corps: Cavaliers Troopers Madison Scouts Blue Stars Santa Clara Vanguard Garfield Cadets 27th Lancers Boston Crusaders Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights Blue Rock Kingsmen Argonne Rebels De LaSalle Oaklands Mike
  10. The number 18 & 19 corps are performing in exhibition at Friday's Semifinals. Mike
  11. Galveston is good. It's on north Pine St. across from City Hall. I've never been to Sahara. Also try Lindos on Franklin St., Hammers on E. US 20, Hacienda on North Karwick Rd. (always a wait in the summer), Oriental Pearl at 9th and Franklin St., Shoops has great burgers. If you like the old days try Carlsons Drive-in, about 1/2 mile south of Ames Field on W. Coolspring Ave. They have homemade old fashion root beer & cream soda. Eat in your car or in the picnic area. Hope this helps. Mike
  12. A couple of the corps are leaving Michigan City for Bloomington on Tuesday night. The rest of them are leaving Wednesday morning. Mike
  13. OOPS! Should have said DCI Executive Director Dan Acheson. Mike