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  1. Minnesota Brass having the best cymbal line in DCA

  2. Cdatedms

    2011 Prediction Thread!

    is it me or is it getting really hot in this thread?
  3. Cdatedms

    Marching Cymbals

    its easier to push a key/pad/button than it is to flip together ..... in the cymbal world your iether awesome or your late. I'd say cymbal lines aren't going away otherwise i'm out of the job
  4. I think its b.s that the madison scouts have won II DCI world championships and they are not participating in the dci tour of champions

  5. Cdatedms

    My DCA 2009 Prediction

    judging by last year how MBI pretty much broke the east coast sanction by being 4th in prelims and ending up second in front of statesmen and hurricanes....i feel like a lot of people under-estimate the possibilities of a midwest corps winning dca. Not saying I like brass cause their lead sop is an communist.....but they have a high possibility of winning. the problem is that they've never won before.... so for Minnesota brass...just win. no if ands or buts and change dca forever
  6. Cdatedms

    Cymbal Lines are Officially Dead

    cymbal lines aren't dead.... better than ever A reason why there aren't a lot of outdoor lines on the circuit is cause it's one of the most physically challenging instruments on the field. Problem with cymbal lines are your cymbal line is either smokin clean or a polished warm turd that just can't get there. There is no in between.
  7. bits and pieces don't count buddy
  8. I really like the fact that none of this music has been put on a drum corps field to date. Example Boston has played spanish fantasies for like every other year. Granted Spanish Fantasies is a great chart, but after it's been played three times in 7 years it gets a little old and under appreciated for such a great piece. I love your signature by the way skewerz. granted its america, but if I had a mic to my face instead of throwing down with what god gave me. I wouldn't feel fullfilled..... from a members point of view. Just to let you guys in on what happened at camp. Capitol Sound suprised us with a pillow fight on saturday. Granted we kicked their ###, but you gotta admit Capitol Sound has some balls for picking a fight with The Madison Scouts. ......and by the way the madison scouts love us. Your welcome in our gym anytime ladies;)
  9. Cdatedms

    DCI age rule proposal

    why can't i just age out.....i should have taken at least one of my seven years off the way that was a joke...the second part anyways
  10. Cdatedms

    Madison Scouts 2007

    and why did you just say that? How about hanging your balls out for everyone to see without caring what everybody else thinks about you and having everybody doubt you the whole summer until the very end. Yeah I read alot of dcp over the summer and I didn't care what people had to say about our show. You know why? Because they weren't marching that show. The Madison Scouts were and it was the best feeling in the world under all that pressure and you can't take that away from the Madison Scouts. I'd rather have that then getting credit for anything. If you march drum corps just so you get credit that you marched drum corps just so you can say to everybody else that your opener was better, or your score was higher more power to you. A score is just a number and it may be important, but not important to a performer. How about having fun, working hard, maxing it out and making new friends instead of making a fool of yourself. I guess the maturity of members in drum corps is just inexistent these days. Why don't you cry about it some more and maybe you'll feel better about it....and I'm not dogging on guys just need to pick your battles some place else so you don't look an idoit in front of the whole drum corps community.
  11. "DRUM CORES INTERNATIONAL" red, white and blue on the side jumbotron at the 2005 World Championships at Gillette Stadium. The error isn't that large, but it probly has more meaning considering its FINALS and it's being seen by 50 thousand people.... Funniest thing I've ever seen..shame on dci
  12. Cdatedms

    Bus Songs

    Sko^kian by louis Armstrong and of course the famous NFL football theme with all the added commentary..than all you need is the coneboy
  13. yes and no for an would make make things fair towards all corps and have more equal rehearsal time for lower placing corps comparing higher placed corps. Judges would score the honest true way (not that they don't judge accurately) and drum corps wouldn't be rigged anymore and the world would be a better place.(not biased) but than again when have you seen the cavies, bd and cadets out of top 3? dan acheson are you listening?
  14. Cdatedms

    Eulogy for Horns in G

    pioneer 99 anyone?