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    Skyliners Alumni 2000-2007, Excelsior 2005, NY Skyliners 2006, Retro Sound 2006, Capital Brass 2007, SF Renegades 2007, CB Alumni All-Stars 2007
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    Tie: NY Skyliners and SF Renegades
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    1972 Skyliners - The Best There Ever Was
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    Skyliners Alumni 2005 and SF Renegades 2007
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    New York

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  1. I am looking for a 2 valve G Contra. Shoot me an email and we ca talk
  2. The Skyliners Alumni are also using G Bugles now and forever...
  3. There was a full house from what I saw from the stage...
  4. What a great show tonight. Sky Alumni was proud to be there...
  5. That is our plans for 2011. We would love to have a nice dozen of contras so if you are interested swing by on November 14th and Join in the Fun with us.
  6. Best of Luck in 2011. I miss seeing the True Red and Black on the field. Go Sky!!!
  7. Aquarius sounds great and it will only get better as Sunday was only Open House. MT also rocks. Gotta love that Contra Line!!!
  8. Wow, what an Oen House yesterday. New Faces were in line, food and Beverages were flowing and we even worked on some "M&M" in our new spacious home. Pictures will be posted on our website shortly.
  9. You got it. We want Standing Room Only. Also visit our updated on line store with the New "Skyliners Alumni Wants You" Logo and new lower prices. http://www.cafepress.com/nyskyalumni. See you Sunday...
  10. Today is Wednesday, have you made your plans to be at the Sky Alumni Open House on Sunday. I have and it is going to be a blast. See you there and bring a friend, we have the room at our new post. www.skyalumni.org
  11. It's gonna be a great day and you have nothing to loose, except your hearing. . Open House is this Sunday at 12 noon. For more information visit our website at www.skyalumni.org. Bring a friend or two and bring your horn, sticks, or flags. Refreshments are on the House!!!
  12. NICE, NICE, NICE !!! Stop down this Sunday for an adult beverage or two and bring a horn, drum sticks, or a flag . You will love it. We don't bite
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