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  1. UMass-Amherst has to be up there. Off the top of my head from when I was there we had people marching Crown, Cadets, Madison, Blue Stars, Spartans, Citations, Surf, Teal Sound and 7th Regiment, along Bucs on the DCA side. Probably a couple more that I forgot about too. Plus on staff we have/had Mike Klesch, Colin McNutt, Thom Hannum, GNP (RIP), etc.
  2. Exactly... that's a good sign. It's definitely not an ideal situation for the DVD but it's definitely better than silent drill (or just cutting it out ala 08 PR).
  3. That's definitely an interesting thought... it's just a question whether the law has been found to be more along the lines of the actual media (i.e. the DVD vs. a CD) or whether there is literally video synced to the music. I wonder if there have been any other attempts to do this... if not in DCI maybe just in amateur music videos or something like that. All I know is that I would think (or more accurately I would hope) that DCI's lawyers have gone over this issue back and forth with the lawyers for the artists before giving the go-ahead to try this. (And I'm currently just a 1L so I don't
  4. Did anyone else notice this on the DVD preorder page? (emphasis added) Seems like a really clever way to get around the sync licensing issue... they're keeping the ESOM music on the DVD by just blacking out the video so the music technically isn't "synched" with the video. I love it... great decision DCI! EDIT: Here's the link as proof:
  5. Wow, I LOVE the idea of having highlights in here... but maybe they should cut the mike from the field while they're doing it? Creates a lot of audio noise... And wow, GO MADISON!!!!!!
  6. A-MER-ica! I bet they're having a great time wowing the crowds in the Northeast but man I feel so sorry for that class of 2011 Scouts rookouts that will never experience the wonder and pure joy of Piggly Wiggly Day. Best day of my life.
  7. Fixed it! Log out and log back in after you great the preview account and it'll work.
  8. Looks like they screwed up and forgot to give the preview account live stream authorization...
  9. So umm... am I the only one the signed up for a preview account but can't view the stream? It says I don't have an an "authorized account"... I was under the impression that the free preview webcast was available to everyone who signs up for the preview account.
  10. YNWA brother... it was an honor to spend a summer with you.
  11. I'm really glad I got a chance to meet Mr. Cook and shake his hand when we visited us a few times this summer during spring training... it wasn't just the drum corps community that lost a great man today.
  12. None of the Madison kids "have" to fly from Madison. The corps sends a shuttle from Madison to Bloomington for every camp.
  13. Actually when I marched Teal in 08 I joined in January after being in a basically identical situation (though I had gotten cut from Cadets, not Coats)... people jump on board during the winter camps all the time and sometimes even later... hell in both corps we had kids join as late as mid-July and still be great! Shoot Randy (Teal's director) or Dann (Scouts director) an email and see what they can do for you; I know from personal experience that both corps would love to have you come aboard to see what you can do! And don't think I'm trying to sway you away from Pio - they're a great corps