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  1. This makes complete sense. I hope the DCA board and the Renegades organization can come to a more sensible arrangement here. As for an apology - I think there needs to be a fruitful discussion by the current powers that be within Renegades and the DCA board first about all open issues so they can work it out directly.
  2. I found this thread this morning - interesting stuff. DCA - if the Renegades had done something truly noteworthy, we all would have heard about it by now. We know how the activity is - it would have happened already. DCE - So - the Renegades have chosen to - in typical Renegade style - turn adversity into opportunity. You must understand, for those of us who have been involved with the organization in the Pre-DCA era, chaos is nothing new. If anything, the commentary now is a near copy of what we saw before we flew the corps across the country to compete in DCA in 2002. It had never been d
  3. I'm not good with this stuff, but I wanted to say it makes me happy to see all the positive comments towards Rich. I'll miss him more than anyone will know.
  4. If you're from Colorado, march in Blue Knights. Don't go out of state.
  5. Mayor Gavin Newsome will be submitting a bid for San Francisco. Seeing you all on the Cable Cars,
  6. Contact Charles Hargett at Kanstul ASAP. Wonderful man, and your horns will last 5x longer than any other brand. I know, as Renegades have horns 15+ seasons old (some of them anyway) and they still play beautifully. If you have quesitons, PM me.
  7. Sounds very much like a Star Contra. Got any extra kanstul baris? I need one.
  8. 3G and build your chops.
  9. I heard we may have to turn some away in the pit this year. The hype for this year is really...unexpected. We're almost out of horns and it's only October... :-/
  10. DCI Rule book, (v.4.34.35) 34 B) Any drum and bugle corps playing any and or all of Appalachian Spring shall receive an automatic 10 point penalty
  11. Thanks for posting this, Randy. I am most likely coming back to march Bari. So is Kimela (I heard second hand). I heard there is a ton of interest for the show. With the new look, I think we're really going to be great. You need to dust off your baritone and come to camp Dec 7. ~T.