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  1. SUN DEVILS - Inverness, Florida Competing in DCA THUNDER - Tampa, Florida Competing in DCA FLORIDA BRASS - Lakeland, Fl Alumni Show IMPACT - Orlando, Fl Mini Corps Show This must be a record of some kind
  2. put Ol yellar up on craig's list in the area where it broke down. Trade it to someone willing to bring the trailer back to Fla. Time for another vehicle. That truck paid for itself 3x over but it is probably time to say goodbye.
  3. GOOD NIGHT !!??? Sleep is for wimps. It's time to get started on next years show !
  4. I heard from two people who attended prelims in Rochester. Both said Sun Devils did a great show. They were a bit taken back that SD did not make finals. Hey gotta pay your dues in DCA. Hang tough Devils and know the folks back home support you 100%.
  5. Keith, SD looked great at the home show. Since you're on the left coast of Fla. what say you help next year with some support stuff? I will help from the this side of the state. You could cut open that old mattress full of $ for starters. GO DEVILS !!! JJ let the corps know we are pulling for them.
  6. I am so Jones'n to see finals. But "life is what is happening while you're busy making plans" Next Year for sure !!! GO DEVILS !!! make us Florida folks proud (er)
  7. Sun Devils have made the first show. We all realize there is a great deal left to do. Thanks all !!
  8. We need 2 sop (trumpet) players go to