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  1. hahahahahaha omg funniest thing ive ever gotten from dcp! its so absolutely true!! i just forwarded that to every single musician i know.
  2. well it seems to me hes just looking for a more elite form of dca, but instead of trying to change their standards he complains that dci isnt enough of what he wants. would you go to a softball game and start ranting that its not baseball? no, you would just go watch baseball. hmmm, does that make sense? i think it does...?
  3. so dont...? this activity is not meant to please just you.
  4. just email the corps you want to go to and they can send out a blanket email to people in your area saying that youre looking for a carpool. 4 of my students in williamsburg just carpooled to the crown audition together. you are making waaay to big a deal about this, i know people who carpool to every camp and even have others from northern virginia come down and meet them. just take a few minutes innitiative (sp?) and email or message people. ave you ever thought about going into a facebook group for a corps and asking about carpool rides?
  5. all the controls such as play set and new set are really low on the page now. i have to scroll downa nd up to do them
  6. quick 45 minutes of fun geometric stuff
  7. i think the name is self explanitory, though i do rather like my opening sets. the 2nd move reminds me of carolina crown
  8. there IS drill software that is used by drill writers if thats what youre talking about
  9. just having some fun. i actually am a drill writer, so it was fun to goof around enjoy
  10. as long as everyone posting in this thread sticks to drum corps, and never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER considers going into comedy, i will say no more
  11. this has anything to do with drum corps how?
  12. you can see action shots by pausing your dvd whenever you feel like it. these photos show the real beauty of drum corps, the things that people who dont march would not see or understand otherwise )this was my post #444. i love crown 05, its one of my favorite shows musically.)