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  1. I wonder if Imogen Heap has heard Blue Devil’s show this year. I also wonder how long it will be until some front ensemble gets a pair of her Mi.Mu musical gloves. Could be interesting.
  2. There’s a timbre that you can get out of trombones that you can’t get out of baritones or euphoniums: think the opening notes of SCV’s Scheherazade. And I don’t object to an occasional glissando where it fits the melodic line (Crowns trombone solo in Roxanne, for example). Just a little tired of the gratuitous use of glissandos.
  3. Okay DCI corps in general: that’s more than enough of trombones being used as “big, dumb, brass slide whistles.“ I hear more glissandos in one DCI show then I ever played in my 8+ years of playing trombone in school. We get it - they’re legal in DCI now. Let the instrument have a little dignity. Am I the only one bugged by this? Not a knock on Cavaliers specifically; in fact, this is my favorite Cavies show since Immortal. Well done gentlemen!
  4. That honestly made me tear up. I’m so proud of my corps! Keep up the good fight ladies and gentlemen! SUTA!!!
  5. OMG, I love the Bluecoats’ show so much this year!
  6. Nice abbreviated edition of Let It Be Me, and Georgia! Bravo! (edited for spelling. I can’t wait for smart phone AI to catch up with real spoken English.)
  7. No. Absolutely. Not. Please don’t take away the last opportunity to see all the major corps in drum corps’ natural environment! I would rather pay to go to Allentown, and risk getting rained on (which has never happened to me there) than go to Finals in Indy for free. All indoor venues are acoustically nightmarish echo chambers. I hope to live long enough to see Finals in an outdoor stadium again someday - even if I have to fly out west to do it.
  8. Regiment's looking sharp! Thanks for the photos!
  9. I would have to agree with those who say that Spirit of Atlanta in the late 70s and early 80s were the loudest horn lines I have heard live. I do have a couple of Phantom Regiment moments that stand out for me. I remember seeing the corps live in Cincinnati. Their opener was Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings. The show started with the corps in a company front on the front side line. The opening hit came out of nowhere at quadruple-forte (all horns, no percussion, if memory serves). Maybe not the very loudest moment I've heard, but still pretty overwhelming. Beautiful, legato, sustained power. And as far as encore performances go, listening to 2003 Phantom Regiment playing Canon in D in a standstill performance was like standing behind a jet airliner at takeoff. Amazing!