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  1. Allentown back in 99... what a POS field. Oh and Sam... Mars was not bad at all... in fact.. it was heaven compared to Bedrock. If you wonder why it was called Bedrock, just ask the many brave souls who ended up literally falling INTO the field while marching
  2. BD.. because its their time [/sarcasm] maybe bluecoats or carolina will break the top 3!
  3. very cool. you do this for DCI finals too?
  4. and then theyll just be known as a symbol. probably either a microphone... or a giant hash mark.
  5. This is Dave.. He's the highest screamer I've heard at DCA.. the one with the triple C that (if all works out) will be marching BD next year
  6. thanks chuck king! politics and personal agenda in drum corps? no way <**>
  7. You sure that wasn't from all the back pressure from Bb horns??
  8. Oh ok.. my bad. Whoever they were.. they were great!
  9. You will also hardly see members in DCI who have been playing in corps for 10+ years.
  10. oh god. hopkins is a ######. im glad i didnt bother watching it. hopkins?? no... come on.. its not like he would bow to the crowd when everyone boo's him.. no.. thatd NEVER happen!
  11. Must be that west coast inflation.. Too bad noone has ever heard of an east coast inflation!
  12. I'm not sure who the group was.. but they dressed up like bad 80's rockers and attempted to sing and rock out.. it was pretty..... sad. Not a problem. I'm sure you guys made a lot of new fans that night!