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  1. No. Temporary rules rarely remain that way. The last thing anyone needs are more rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of each corps to make these types of decisions.
  2. It’s old news, from 2011. Why did you dislike Star so? Because they were so young and raced to the top? If you have money, use it to do great things, and Star did. They hired the best staff purchased the best equipment, etc. I have no qualms with that. Spending years growing, learning, maturing is great if you have time but why, when money can get you there faster?
  3. 1990 Star is one of my all time favorites. Amazingly advanced both musically and visually... ahead of its time as usual.
  4. Not sure SCV was inspired by The Freelancers but, the 1989 Star of Indiana “British Invasion” is one of my most memorable shows and, likely the most memorable field show featuring Walton (and Holst). It was an attention getter. FWIW - On their finals comeback, The Freelancers did a very innovative and avant garde John Williams (composer) themed show that was also memorable.
  5. 30% could easily be knocked off if all corps would revert back to the core competency of drum corps, the human factor... less props and no electronics. Nope, the staff would rather they pay more to play less, dance more and let the amp take all the credit.
  6. Complex drill and M&M didn’t change the essence either but, keyboard percussion And tympani can’t do it.
  7. But adding the pit (percussion) and a third valve (brass) didn’t change the essence of drum & bugle corps.
  8. What added value will result by electing to include additional non-brass and percussion instruments [seriously]? It certainly won’t be creativity and innovation! Those two characteristics are about to be displaced by compromise and all-inclusive and the activity will become ordinary and fade away, and then I’ll get to refer to the former DCI, as I do all once great value added activities (that made a difference) that chose compromise over focus and determination, with a quote by TX Congressman Charlie Wilson: “these things happened, they were glorious and they changed the world and then we f___ked up the end game.” Each time in history when compromises were made to change unique and exclusive activities that built character, leadership and made a positive difference, the only ones who benefit are the historians selling the reminders of the glory of the past. DCI has a chance to be one of the last great bastions to preserve one of the most unique and avant-garde marching musical activities ever known but, I think many of the decisions about its fate are being made selfishly.
  9. Tradition maintained is always a good thing. It attracts a larger crowd of paying spectators. PR will likely do their own thing and their sound will be amazing because the music will be arranged in PR style.
  10. No doubt, the bari’s and euphs will once again play the leading role in the 2020 horn book. Thank God! Dark, rich and soulful. Most of the folks on this sight have no idea how much “structure damage” can be caused to a stadium by the dark, rich and soulful sounds of a Regiment horn line.
  11. I’d leverage JW’s experience as much as I could, I’m sure JD did. There was some old school PR voicing in Spartacus, and they won!