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  1. My fault. I was speaking generally about all the posts bashing DCI recently (last 2-3 years), not yours.
  2. I don’t believe if/then logic works well in an emotionally charged forum such as this.
  3. The activity, as we know it, would vanish. It’s evident, by the many “what if” type posts like this, that there are many who long for such a fate to this activity.
  4. 1990 Star of Indiana: Walton’s “Belshazzar’s Feast.” One of the all time great/high quality (and loud) shows.
  5. If it’s more difficult to decide which is better these days, it’s because there has been a monumental shift away from the fundamentals of what drum corps is. There has been so much more complexity and palaver added to show designs in the pursuit of creating a 100 yard theater setting which counters what drum corps is and makes judging it accurately a next to impossible mission. You could throw darts and likely do just as good as today’s judging. Heaven forbid today’s staff and members found out about that the golden days of DCI actually included the occasional post-show fisticuffs between corps to further establish superiority, despite the scores.
  6. Unplug that crap and let the horns do what they’re suppose to do.
  7. Agree. There’s got to be winners and losers, it’s what attracts talent and endorsements. Funny how life often boils down to talent and endorsements.
  8. Either I’m looking in the wrong place or DCI has posted very little about what’s going on in Indy this week on its web site. Where are the lists of corps participating and the schedules? All I’m finding in their schedule are the regional events over the past couple weeks.
  9. What the group is performing is nothing that hasn’t been tried before. One can only pray that the bari-sax remains “side-lined”.
  10. Fairly ordinary. Nothing new that hasn’t been explored before. There are many that would like to see this replace drum & bugle corps.
  11. Let’s hope so, no electronic instruments and sound systems. Definitely a year for complexity reduction to save resources. However, the 2003 horn book will require some very strong lungs and robust embouchures to get that sound today.
  12. Your concept definitely will mean the end of drum corps. It’s the pessimism that keeps me coming back to this site.
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