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  1. The head judge and others better have caught the mistake before the corps starts to set up.
  2. There was a post that the guard only had a handful age out.
  3. The rumor mill will die off, but the what the heck posts will begin.
  4. The corps who do well annually might not want their profit watered down.
  5. Are not the media folks in most corps working for room and board only?
  6. Yes, SSF probably did. Wouldn't put it past Boston from looking into being involved with this type of venture, as long as the business plan is strong.
  7. Thought I was very clear and to the point.👨‍🎓
  8. It is, so I'll apologize for following a fellow poster off the rails.
  9. Will you be asking the same question of Sutasaurus? Just a humorous reply (to me anyways) to a BITD story. (stronger?)
  10. Boston didn't need any assistance with the local yokels.
  11. What I received from a friend who I marched with. "You have me stumped. I think the prelims were held at Mcormick Place. I remember going inside to a very large room. XXXXXXX seeing St. MARY'S as we marched by them XXXXXXX said to Dickie Pellitier, the DM, What are you doing here this is the Major Leagues. Also in the room was Casper, Cavies, SAC and Garfield. That is where they held inspection. The night before was beautiful for the Parade, and we woke to rain. It let up a bit as we went into McCormick Place. It was definitely McCormick Place."
  12. Best: Can’t decide between BC and Manning Bowl. Hard: It really wasn’t hard, but the 65 VFW Nationals in the McCormack Place sure as helll was different.
  13. Don't know if Boston would let Gino out of his contract.
  14. They basically have the uniforms (you're welcome Band Shoppe), so Boston could get the rights to do The Gladiator. Complete with chariot crashes and a couple of guard as tigers. Fantastic musical score.
  15. Made it easier to get to sleep on the ride to the next housing site.
  16. Adding woodwinds might douse the fire of what DCI is currently.