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  1. The crowd on Finals night 08 yelling "I am Spartacus" is number 1 in my book.
  2. Save me a seat LM, but you might have to use a limousine drivers sign with Ghost on it since I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting you. Just bought the gala gig on Friday. Also the top package. Glad the Bell and Hand on Thursday has no cover charge.
  3. Come on G. You've never read Jeff's replies to similar posts about not having the best talent with "they just work harder than other corps."
  4. For long term success you’re correct G, but for us fans, will they have the talent to perform “the rock star staff and design teams “ production? At least the talent to stay top 8-10.
  5. Just wanted to cover all the bases.
  6. They are the same people who attend PGA tournaments and love to yell " in the hole".
  7. Homecoming Weekend&utm_source=hs_automation&utm_medium=email&utm_content=83716125&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_upjPxLHOJAk1EbrLH8u1TONWMuC7ei7PyivR-pKch3yK3mwgPTm-D5OEiij3AlDM7jYRCfrOwbgKdY18QjBChs-u10Q&_hsmi=83716125
  9. Can't shake the word "struggling" used by someone who watched the Cadets recently.
  10. Year four of the major overhaul. Need a 96+ this year which is doable. May the 80th year be a Giant one for Building A Champion.
  11. Wouldn't know if it was predictable, but I was hoping for more transparency.
  12. Questions asked and not answered. A Fan 6:22 PMWill there be any partnership with USBands in the future? Moi. 6:11 PMHow long will it take to improve the tone quality of the non trumpet mm who were at the recent FL camp? 6:37 PMWill we make top 12 this year? Cadet90 6:19 PMDo you have the rights to the music yet? Harrison Thomas Also concerned with the COO & CFO with finance capabilities
  13. If done, they'd probably follow their Beatles show with about 19 pieces of PF music.
  14. Since there’s no more East Germany judges, Olympic judging might be improving. But, then again the Russians and Chinese could be a problem.
  15. Even during a "mandatory" camp, there may be several mm excused, but less than 50 brass and only 6 tubas has to be concerning.
  16. Sun River 55+ community Little Valley in St. George Plus, other courts throughout the St. G area. I watched some guys in their 40's playing once. They stood on the inside line hitting it back and forth waiting for someone to make a mistake. Very little movement for 20 seconds or so. I think their ratings were 4.5. If I were to play, it would have to be singles.
  17. And what did you see and what our your impressions?