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  1. N.E.B.

    Last year, BRASSO had one of those back and forth discussions on a thread with Karuna.  They went at it for awhile before only B was banned even though K made some uncalled for replies.  I guess some DCP members can XXXXXX their swears all they want, JR comes to mind, with no recourse.

    B is doing well and we should bump into each other this June when I'll be in MA for a few weeks.


    Dan Kelly 

  2. Oppps!

    The truth about George Hopkins...

    I know this sub loves a good Hop story, so here you go. This is the resignation letter from the director of USBands (a YEA program that helps fund The Cadets) and reveals some interesting information.
    Names and emails redacted to protect the innocent.
    On Friday, October 6, 2017, 10:08 PM, XXXX XXXX XXXX@XXXX.com wrote:
    “Dear George Hopkins,
    This letter is to inform you of my resignation as Director of USBands, effective immediately.
    First, I want to thank you for the opportunity you have afforded me in this role. YEA! and USBands affects the lives of tens of thousands of students each year and I feel humbled to have played a small part in that.
    Second, I want to thank the USBands team for their hard work. The amount of time and effort that is necessary to make certain USBands events are successful is astounding. And those folks do it without flinching. You need to make sure that you are taking care of them. These PEOPLE are your most important asset.
    Last but certainly not least:
    1. As the Director of a multi-million company (USBands), you hired me to run a business, be successful, think strategically and plan. Instead, I am left to fight for every single decision I try to make. I am left to deal with constant berating by a bully. I am left to find the good in everything this company does every weekend because all you do is point out anything and everything you can find that didn’t go right.
    2. I do not agree with your business/financial model. YEA! is nearly $1 million in debt and it is because you do not know how to use a simple budget. USBands should have a budget, Performing Ensembles should have a budget. These are simple rules of business. Instead, we fly by the seat of our pants and have our travel credit cards declined while we are on travel because you can’t pay the bills. 
    3. You continually throw your employees under the bus and must make yourself look like the hero. You make it seem like you were not involved in decision-making processes that might be controversial, then when there is backlash you blame it on me or other folks in the office just so you can look like the “good guy.” I will no longer be your scapegoat.
    4. As I mentioned earlier, the people that work for you are your most important assets. But you do not treat them as such. You expect us to drive back to Allentown from Boston after a 12-hour work day without so much as the offer of a hotel room. You always say your decisions are based on saving money. But if USBands had a budget, you wouldn’t have to force your employees into such dangerous situations.
    5. As you know, my wife and I had a child back in June. I was out of the office for three weeks due my wife being in Virginia and me here in PA, and I didn’t want to get caught in PA when she went into labor. This is still something you bring up to me as being unacceptable to you. Additionally, with my understanding that there is a lot of work to do during ‘Band Season,’ the team continually stays in the office until mid-night, sometimes later. I must leave between 5 and 6 pm because I have a wife and child. I get back on the computer later at night to complete more work, but this is also unacceptable to you.
    I can go on, but you get the point.
    Please know, you lose many, many GREAT people because of the reasons I listed and more.
    I wholeheartedly believe in the mission and vision of YEA! and USBands, but I can no longer be treated as dispensable. Some people may be able to give 12 hours a day to the cause, and that is great for them and you, but my life is outside of YEA! which will ALWAYS take priority over my work. It is clear that this is not something you are okay with.
    I expect my final paycheck on October 18 which should include the agreed upon amount for moving expenses that has not been paid since starting in February 2017.
    Thank you again for the opportunity and best of luck.
    Cc: Youth Education in the Arts Board of Directors”
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