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  1. For some, inaccurate concerns, whether negative or positive, helps their perceived narrative.
  2. Any idea 44 who else may have submitted a bid or is this just wishful thinking?
  3. Starts with a stable home environment where good values and ethics are taught.
  4. It seems the US tracks what's happening during the Winter season in Australia/New Zealand (which is going on now) and base their production on that. It does take awhile to produce the vaccine. That bad flu season a couple of years back had a strain different from what they saw from the other countries.
  5. Bill Cook and his Cook Group did dozens of good deeds that many were never aware of.
  6. I'm confused. Does she mean (yes, I watched this one) the Crown show or the one with the guy in the bed?
  7. The one I received yesterday, means another one late December, early January.
  8. Have a non binding question put on the Nov. ballot if those who pay state taxes want their money used to bail out club sports teams, etc.
  9. Maybe those with contacts will learn if any of the designers have a show down on paper already .
  10. 1. In many situations, the teenager was black mailed. Either you join our parish D&BC, or we will not keep you out of youth services if you cause anymore trouble. 2. Hope you didn't ask the children dancing slow if there was room for the Holy Ghost. That job was usually done be the nuns.
  11. Boston in 2012 used all four corners for a well received pre show.
  12. Since I’m not in a position to “cast the first stone “, looking for a possible issue doesn’t interest me.
  13. Must be fishing season. Anyone have some extra bait?
  14. Thank you for allowing us to follow your journey. Well done.
  15. Mentioned that in another thread awhile back. Boston used one for a few seasons for staff and kitchen volunteers. But, unless you think outside the box for rehearsal locations (back to parking lots again?) or KOA's (also mentioned) for showers and such, the logistics might deter this possibility.
  16. Quite a few corps have alternates. One or two guard and a couple of brass I believe. Last year, it took a quick quad pick up for Boston about a month to be able to march.
  17. And with all the DCP posts about his situation that he has read, the light bulb still hasn't turned on.
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