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  1. Not interested in Bluecoats or Boston?
  2. The brass has a difficult run early in their show, which Gino posted on instagram, and has to be the most challenging one they've eva had. It was clean and loud. My old ears couldn't hear any marbles rolling within each brass section. It's not a quote, but several videos by management/staff for some time have stated they will continue to field shows that will continue to move Boston to the top.
  3. I'm still up in Little Compton, RI. Opps. Just pulled up the show. No one on that entry list interests me. Sorry corps.
  4. Just what someone, who sleeps during the night, needs to eat.
  5. Suck it up kd. Maybe you'll learn something new from the other corps.
  6. Took something like 9 guys to keep jumping on one athlete bed before it broke. Strong cardboard or fake news?
  7. Another well done to the BS. It seems pretty easy to see who wrote a show as if this was a judged season. No matter and as many have stated, it's just nice to see D&BC performing on a field again.
  8. Twenty contras BS. Nice. Haven't seen that many in a show since Madison did it.
  9. Pssst! Flo. The lead DM for PR is the blond on the right. The one with the baton.
  10. It's too bad the rebroadcasts are still at the original time. So, you have to decide which 11PM Rose Bowl showing you want to stay up for if on the East Coast.
  11. Might be the corps best horn line eva and the percussion/pit sounds clean.
  12. Concert in The Park 2021. ZOOM Looks like Gino lower left.
  13. It's much too early to consider that happening.
  14. This comparison of 03 and 21 was well done.
  15. I so want the PR brass to do this show well even if they are young. Just hope they can clean up the portion of the ending from about 8:20 through the tough runs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBj6eu0dgUk Boston had a similar brass run in 2000 and it was rough at finals.
  16. What did one of those suckers go for? Wonder if the organization had ever considered placing uniforms/props around the building from various years.
  17. Hopefully DCI and the airport have addressed what the airport wants the large group of mm to do while hanging around all night.
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