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  1. Still thinking it would be nice if any corps, who may have a great show this year, has a full run through with paid judges. See if it would be good enough to bring back next year. The majority of DCP followers are loving what PR is doing and this show, especially the brass, is almost a carbon copy of 03.
  2. I'd like to have a partner for a rimba tube medley. (By the way, a rimba tube would have worked in 2018 for Boston.)
  3. Like the Lenox Financial commercial says, “It's the biggest no brainer in the history of mankind!“
  4. A better audio than a previous one done in a city square. Thank you. It never gets tiring listening to this musical book. It will always be a classic to me. And once again, PR has a real conductor.
  5. I believe Boston offered to financially help GH several years back, but USBands had to be part of the deal.
  6. Yes I was Craiga. To me, if post mentioning a different number of brass in the photo falls under does it really matter to Barneveld, then again to me, the post of section numbers shouldn't matter also to Barneveld.
  7. Not really B, but what does matter is Craiga didn't get one of your "does it really matter" comments. Just saying.
  8. The above picture does show 18 pit, but only 72 brass.
  9. Maybe the twirler and a few older looking males have brought that average up, but to me, there were a lot of HS/college freshmen (persons) looking mm.
  10. Ex BD right? In recent years, Boston has had many Pride of Cincinnati WGI members, so maybe these guard members from BD were also in POC.
  11. Dam, that was a great updated version of a classic PR show. Well done and may the fans enjoy this production this year. (It's too bad the great mello part in the closer didn't come through.) Thank you Beeches72.
  12. A few corps have close to that number, but most are closer to 13. You're probably right that alternatives might be used in this years shows. And a AGT yes from me also for Craiga's up close an personal updates.
  13. Now, what would be the penalty for marching with that many mm in a judged season?
  14. I volunteer to be part of the security detail for the CC entourage.
  15. Was thinking about this happening starting next year.
  16. Odds are really good that you'll get your wish.
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