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  1. Still involved with this topic I see. What did you say a few pages ago about "re-hashing"?
  2. If Bridgeport can keep giving DCI a date each year, DCI will start giving them a few more top 12 corps. Like the ones marching in the Bristol parade. That parade must pay well. Hell, one of the gripes over the years for fans of BAC's contest was they didn't have enough top corps. This year was one of their best fields in years.
  3. Yes they do since the item I donated for the Spring Fling Silent Auction did well.
  4. The number of quality corps, for a change, may have had a big reason.
  5. So, how was Boston going to do against Phantom the other night? Didn't quite work out for some of you, at least not yet. Maybe it's time for the guard to take practices a little more serious. The drops taking place at Veterans Stadium in Quincy, MA have found there way to the competition arena.
  6. But, my lower membership number allows me seniority over those with higher numbers. Plus, I abhor the left wing!
  7. I vote that this is your last prediction until after Quarters!!
  8. Do you really think the better candidates will not wait until the top corps hold auditions? Spirit might be a bad example because many members will come from the college affiliation. Your suggestion might only work if there was a mass fantasy-type draft. What a cluster that would be!
  9. From the theatre, it looked like he bowed while he was leaving the field towards the sidelines. No special trip was made. Also, for those GH blog readers, I wonder how many other times he has said I'm sorry for other incidents/decisions. His type A/micro-management personality might rise again.
  10. La Fiesta ended up being watered down if you wanted a jazzier version. Someone said BAC had an average of 19. something, which was the 4th youngest in D1. More Tarpon Springs HS than music majors to play quality stuff. But a few years back, the Cavies original stuff had been designed for the drill with nice sounding chords, but not a lot of meat if I recall. Might have to re-listen before I eat my words.
  11. They had their chance in 05 with a huge home crowd, but Harold/staff didn't come through.
  12. Great minds think alike! Plus: Cavies-Music of Chicago Troop-Dances With Wolves
  13. Now, now, now. The real reason The Cadets lost is DCI had the judges take things into thier hands to get revenge for "Hashgate"!
  14. Didn't consider how that ending would tie in with their show. For that reason alone, it might kill any thoughts of the bottle dance.
  15. I'm thinking that SCV will dust off the complete bottle dance tonight. With a home state crowd and many, many, alumni in attendance, it would go over big time. Enough to catch PR?
  16. My son was working at the Rose Bowl last night and said the field was in tough shape, even before DCI began.
  17. For comparison to last nights scores. 1 Blue Devils 97.200 2 The Cadets 96.500 3 The Cavaliers 96.225 4 Phantom Regiment 94.600 5 Bluecoats 93.700 6 Carolina Crown 93.325 7 Santa Clara Vanguard 93.200 8 Blue Knights 90.200 9 Boston Crusaders 89.350 10 Glassmen 87.175 11 Colts 87.075 12 Spirit from JSU 85.925 13 The Academy 84.975 14 Blue Stars 84.200 15 Madison Scouts 82.500 16 Crossmen 82.425 17 Pacific Crest 80.750
  18. From Bandmaster on SM. Try it. http://jakemandell.com/tonedeaf/
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