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  1. Guards have grown with brass losing some. The synth usage has assisted the contras and other sections (?) for several years to make up for losing some contra spots. Not sure if the penalty for too many mm is a certain number or if it's a number per each extra mm. Time for Boston to revisit 85, when they did their electronics segment and take a hit for marching as many as they want. Maybe they could earn back the penalty with improvement in other captions. (It's been a slow day.)
  2. If fielding more than allowed normally, which section has the extra mm? Brass sections in DCI are around 72 these days, so maybe 8 went to brass, but isn't Boston marching over 160?
  3. Or, it could be the year of more dancing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_ozUK5NyfE
  4. And I'll still take the over that "some" of those posters will find something to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX about more than four times.
  5. And you've made Bill O'Reilly happy using a word from one of his many "word of the day" segments. Like the billions over many decades to countries who still want to bury us.
  6. Many corps put up their brass for sale I believe.
  7. Waldo siting in St. George, UT. https://www.stgeorgeutah.com/news/archive/2021/06/11/rma-its-our-park-were-proud-of-it-st-george-canyons-complex-take-home-national-award/#.YMjnAvlKhPZ (Maybe 30 seconds of fame. 🥎 Will leave the 15 minutes to The Cavaliers.)
  8. For several shows in 2015, Boston had issues with some of those 36 banners that wouldn't furl down.
  9. BAC Zoom Check out the corps FB page about their props this year. (My cut and paste presents my personal info. Sorry.)
  10. If Boston does go all out this year with a strong program and with Boston going to Ireland next March, maybe their auditions starting in November, will bring in even stronger talent.
  11. Boston's instructional staff, BOD, etc. had their meetings and decided it was to the corps short/long term benefit to go ahead with how "Zoom" is going to be performed. Fortunately, the organizations financial status has grown these past five to seven years. But, staying solvent is still a 24/7 job for any corps that seems to be well off.
  12. Didn’t know clip boards were being used again.
  13. Unlike national food distributors, it might be a little harder to line up a national gasoline provider. Then again, maybe the national ''truck stops" might work. This is where the lead truck driver probably has that type of information/suggestions.
  14. Hope he didn't live there when they had outdoor ground level urinal troughs.
  15. Yes. A dresser and two night stands. About two hours work and three beers. Maybe the directions were easier to follow. Now, hanging two 8'X4' shelfs to the garage ceiling by myself was tougher. Far from being your average handy "person".
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