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  1. I would ask for it before hand while standing in line.
  2. I would be. Now, if this past year or so took place in the 50's and 60's, all bets would be off.
  3. Sale of lottery tickets? Tax payers? Bill, Melinda, Jeff, Mark, Jack, Soros, or China?
  4. Not knowing about these changes tells yeah how old my car is.
  5. I read decades ago that anytime you're stopped for about 25 seconds or more, turn off the engine. Guess it's less than that. https://www.edf.org/attention-drivers-turn-your-idling-engines So, if you're going to be in a line of several vehicles waiting to do something (gas, drive up windows, etc.), don't move up until you have to. Like if a vehicle is going to be stuck in the street. Moving up one spot, whenever the vehicle in front of you moves, is also a waste. How many of you who use drive through car washes actually turn off the engine while going through in neutral? Hmmmm? Since around the 80's, there's no need to go outside to warm up your vehicle. You're coming out a warm building, wearing clothing, and the vehicle will be giving heat within a mile or so. As long as you're driving within the local speed limits, the engine will be fine. If one of the DCP threads goes off track a little about water savings, get back to me.
  6. "The total cost of owning and operating the average car falls between 35 cents per mile and 65 cents per mile over the lifetime of the car." With this in mind, I will not drive 24 miles round trip to Costco to save $.10/ gallon when that 24 miles is costing $12 based on .50/mile costs.
  7. Don't forget the Keystone XL pipeline was cancelled in early January. Then a moratorium on oil, gas, and coal leases on about 700 million acres of federal land was imposed.
  8. Sprockets Dieter and make up? I'm so confused.
  9. A friend of ours who has a PHD in micro biology was asked about that last year by the Mrs. and she says that could be 4/5 years away. The annual flu shot can change each year based on how our decision makers feel about what's taking place in Australia.
  10. As long as it doesn't end up like 10 cent beer night in Cleveland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxTtzLUteDA
  11. Nooo it isn't. You haven't visited the NHL, tennis, National Track & Field, pickleball, soccer, etc. also. Road Trip!!
  12. Every can of soda/beer spends a second or two under the faucet. Been doing this for decades because of how the cases are stored and where they're stored.
  13. The black backdrop used during the 2000 Finals Week held up ok for an outdoors stadium. Just a little wavy at times .
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josefina_Scaglione
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