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  1. If this is how it goes, let's please not complain that so and so didn't compete this year, so there should be an asterisk in the final results. You only have a chance to win when you show up.
  2. Don't know of any corps that has had up to over 10 alternates.
  3. Who will be verifying that you'll be doing this? Well, besides HIM!
  4. Let's hope no one or something else in the next 10 months screws this possibility up. Loads of other activities taking place at that time of year.
  5. PR is the one corps I've been waiting for years to have a show and ending that gets me misty eyed. I'm sure this music will be great, but I was also hoping for all new material even if this year will be more of a concert season.
  6. "Hey dummy, you just stuck that needle in my neck!"
  7. Usually, certain needs are worked on up until the season starts and sometimes while on tour like housing, food drops, completion of props/uniforms, etc. Once a corps starts getting judged, comments made on tapes may create other needs by a corps or what instructional staff observe during rehearsals as well as shows. Due to C19, it's going to be even harder to lock up housing if a decision is made to have some sort of a tour.
  8. Or the mm would have to sit on motorized chairs.
  9. Plus, she has adds now. (Yes, I watched a show recently. )
  10. Welcome TH. Hoping for a season is about all everyone has for now. Catch up with the other threads and you should get a feel of where the season is and the thoughts of others here on DCP. Oh yeah Rook, you bring the donuts and coffee tomorrow. Ten coffees and a dozen mixed donuts please. Carry on.
  11. Personally, I have no ideas and only one wish. Since I would not attend watered down World Class events and have only been to the Oil Can once, I just hope the activity survives long enough to get back to a pre C19 season.
  12. Our priority group will be long done by the time our "suggest you wait around three months to get your vaccine since you're no longer positive" wait is up.
  13. When a person/organization changes their opinions/suggestions, that is one phrase that is used.
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