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  1. I just noticed the finals rankings, averaging the scores from all corps over the course of the season. Tells some interesting stories. Ranking date criteria: 6/21 - 8/09 Rank Corps Avg. Score 6/21 - 8/09 World Class 1 Blue Devils 89.773 2 The Cavaliers 87.416 3 The Cadets 86.733 4 Phantom Regiment 86.466 5 Santa Clara Vanguard 85.695 6 Carolina Crown 85.685 7 Bluecoats 83.758 8 Blue Knights 80.348 9 Boston Crusaders 80.145 10 Glassmen 79.453 11 Blue Stars 78.553 12 Pacific Crest 77.149 13 Colts 76.347 14 Madison Scouts 75.823 15 Crossmen 75.797 16 Spirit
  2. Great point on Star. Even more remarkable when you consider that all the staff members were working together as a team for the first time in 85, with a brand new membership base. Some other examples of situations close would be Magic 02. After 2 years off, coming back with almost all new members and making top 12 Troopers 07. After a year off, coming back and putting on a great show. That is one reason I think Troopers would have a great chance of really being a contender for top 12 again, after seeing what they managed to do with an almost whole new crew.
  3. With tons and tons of staff changes this year, got me wondering, which directors and other staff members have been with the same corps for the longest lengths of time? It doesn't matter if they have changed positions with the corps, but who has been with their corps the longest? I am guessing Roman, Gibbs, and Hoppy are in the top10 somewhere?
  4. With the current staffs, what kind of placements would you predict if every single corps had entirerly new members, with no one returning from the previous year? I think the top 3 would end up Blue Devils Cadets Cavaliers These 3 corps staffs have the best success of any, and I think the every day details are covered better by these 3 corps year after year. Even with brand new members, after watching their rehearsals, I think they could still perform close to the level of other years. I think Pioneer would probably move up in the standings a little. They would actually have the bigges
  5. Pioneer has always been a fairly enjoyable corps. I remember years back in the mid to late 90's when they were open class, and still making semis in DI/World Class. Then they switched to DI, and I think several factors kind of helped lower them to the bottom rung. The question is if they really do need to place higher. Someone is going to place last every year. so what if Pioneer is last, if the kids are really having fun and learning alot during their summer, it isn't necessarily a bad thing. That being said, I really don't know if the designers are making the show challenging enough. I h
  6. I think some posts on other threads pretty much covered the defining thing that helped Phantom clinch their win. The fact that DCI is not stupid, and realize that one of the key factors in their income was suffering from extremely stupid management and about to go bankrupt. Phantom is a huge draw, as they had probably more than any other alumni in the audience at finals this year. And with finals being in Indy, DCI realizes how much they have to gain by making sure Phantom stays around. And while other years there has been some debate on which of the top 2 corps actually deserved the win,
  7. Phantom didn't do anything that hasn't been done before. Many other corps have done authentic storylines before. SCV has probably done this the best with many of their shows over the years. I would agree, Spartacus doesn't even come close to the level or category of Four Corners or Stonehenge.
  8. I was not wanting to see Devils get their umpeenth title. But unfortunately, they had the BEST show on the field finals night. Blue Devils won that night, regardless of what 9 people wearing green and khaki say. As has been proven many times this year, the judges haven't been in the game all season long. However this year it has been pointed out to us on so many occasions. Phantom had a very good show. A championship show, it wasn't, but it was a very good show. Other than the win at all costs Phantom Phaithful, I think when most people receive those dvd's they'll certainly see what the
  9. I still think it is a misprint. Definitely not an accurate judging of the finals performances that night. Blue Devils were your true DCI 2008 champions. It doens't matter what 9 judges that scored the performances before they even hit the field say. Congrats BD!!!!!
  10. After watching finals, I thought Blue Devils should have won it, absolutely no question. I thought Cavaliers were probably the 2nd best overall Phantom should have just edged Crown for 3rd place, with Crown 4th. There wasn't anyone around our group who didn't think Blue Devils had it locked up. The only caption Phantom should have beaten them in was percussion. The only captions Phantom should have beaten Cavies in were percussion, and possibly music GE. Blue Devils and Cavaliers both put on championship caliber shows, and Phantom and Crown were just slightly behind.
  11. We all hear the names, Hopkins, Fiedler, Gibbs, as well as hundreds of other names through the years, like Royer, Ott, etc. Would people here be willing to post pics of some of these great people so that everyone can see who they were? I'll be alot of us have seen some of these people in person and not even realized who they were. I recognize Hoppy, Fiedler, Orwell, and a few others when I see them, but would love to see a bigger picture of some of these people than the tiny little box you see in the annual programs. These could include directors, staff, members or volunteers whose names
  12. First off, if you aren't going to contribute to the thread there is no need for you to post. You didn't have to click on the link if you didn't want to read the thread here. Second, this thread is talking about members well after the days of Star. Members who aged out as many as 6 years later which would be 1999. As well as the extension of Star clear into last few years with Blast and the sequel, which I haven't seen but think it is called Blast 2? So hardly historical in those aspects.
  13. Thanks for all the repsonses. It is not at all like I thought it was. I really thought that the kids probably knew well before the season ended. I feel bad for the kids who really wanted to be a field corps. I guess to some degree it would be like folding, even though they went on to be successful in another venue. It is really nice hearing from a members perspective of how they felt and what their reactions were. I think Amber had one of the best responses I have ever seen on these boards. I can see your points, and I suppose it is even more frustratating that you don't even know all the an
  14. Overall I like Bluecoats better. But the last five years or so, Crown has REALLY raised their game. But history of Bluecoats keeps them ahead by a little for now.
  15. 1st question I've got. How many of their members went on to march in other corps after the announcement was made that they weren't doing a field show in 94? The other question, is anyone here on DCP a member of Star in 93? I wonder what your initial reaction and thoughts were when you heard they were going to completely change the direction, and perform an indoor show instead of the field show. Were you upset? excited? bummed? angry? thrilled? And did you have any idea before the season ended that was coming in the future? Also, someone said there were cd's available with them performing wi