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  1. I was 41 in 2005, marching snare before I retired from the field. A blown knee tends to do that to a person that doesn't want to have to go through surgery again. :winky:/>/> There have been a few other members in the horn line in their 30's and 40's.
  2. I just voted for the Boston Crusaders Senior Corps. They are on page 2 and currently in 36th place.
  3. If you mean me, thanks, however, I'm not BOSMarcher. In fact, I don't believe anyone in Alliance is BOSMarcher. I sometimes quote posts from DCP that I like on my Facebook page. This time I happened to quote BOS. It hypes up the members that don't come to DCP and lets them know that the corps has fans. We all certainly appreciate it.
  4. "Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged". So with that in mind, this weekend I will be critiquing the DCI judges based on the following captions: 1) 25 points - Posture While Ducking Tuba's 2) 25 points - Hand-Springing Through A Colorguard Gauntlet 3) 50 points - Wearing A Permed Brown Wig, A Black Robe, And A Nametag That Reads "JUDY" 4) 100 Bonus Points - Tripping and Unplugging The AC Power Cord During Any Vocals, Singing, or Narration Remember, I'll be watching.
  5. Yeah, it's early and I think there's still alot of work to be done for every corps out there this time of year. You guys sounded really good in the hundred degree heat and should be awesome within the next couple of months. I'm hoping that both corps take alot of people by surprise this Labor Day weekend. The new uni's look very classy too. Great choice of style. Thanks on the car, it's definitely a beast. I'm thinking of starting a Z club for the Nissan Z, Corvette Z06, and BMW Z series to get together and swap traffic ticket stories soon. I'll let ya' know when the 1st weekend parking lot meeting / mountain road trip is. Maybe this or next Fall in North Georgia. Race ya' to 1 Georgia Dome Drive Northwest.....
  6. But Wait, There's More!!! Act now and you will be able to see the REAL ending at the Georgia Dome!! The closer will be put on the field at the next camp.
  7. From what I hear, there were 4 DCI judges using DCA sheets.
  8. We actually copied the Chattooga County High School Woodchuck Marching Band, who copied Metallica.
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