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  1. Chip Crotts is leaving SCV - posted to his FB today.
  2. Believe in yourself. Do your best. Learn some things. Meet new people. Have fun. Don't assume you won't make it or that you don't have the skills needed. Go in with a positive attitude, work hard and see what happens. You never know. Good luck!
  3. Ensemble is schedule for 7:30pm tomorrow.
  4. Every day in their Facebook Fan group.
  5. Who's pressuring the corps to go co-ed?
  6. That show site has been TBA for a while. I don't know if it was ever meant to be at U of Minnesota.
  7. No. The concept of DADA doesn't meant of poor quality. It's nonsense, not meant to be understood. That would come into pay in the design and effect captions. Not so much in performance.
  8. It could be literally anything. When you think about it, we’re really a pain in the ###. We show up in the middle of the night, ask for all kinds of stuff, take up a ton of space, we're noisy, we're smelly, and want everything cheap or free. A cranky administrator could use any excuse to say no - too much noise, left things dirty, damage to facilities or turf, folks in unauthorized areas, neighbors complaining, etc. Some corps go out of their way to care for facilities. Others are notoriously bad. Once a school has bad experience, it can be nearly impossible to rebuild the relationship. Thanks to all the band directors who advocate for drum corps and wake up in the wee small hours to open the doors for us!
  9. I know from first-hand experience that there are multiple drum corps that do this exact thing in an attempt to bring in more money. The costs associated with bringing in an extra 50 kids are negligible compared to the $10,000 you can make (50 kids X $200). Auditions are hard because there are so many variables and kids are unpredictable. You never know who's going to improve dramatically over the course of a few months, or who's going to bail at the last minute. IMO, the best we can ask for is that corps are honest with kids at every step of the audition process and let them make the decision that's best for them.
  10. What do all those corps do in between regionals? Drum corps live (partially) on performance fees and will typically perform 3-4 times per week between regionals. The west doesn't have enough performance opportunities to support a full tour. In California we don't even have a enough shows to keep the handful of corps we DO see busy on weeknights. And what happens to those early/mid season shows in the east/midwest that will have no lineup?
  11. SCV Bluecoats BAC Blue Devils Cadets Mandarins