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  1. Not that it's an insignificant amount, but River City Rhythm dues were $2500 last season, and that includes a 8 week "full-time" tour from mid-June through DCI Finals. Their dues are on the lower end of all Open Class groups, especially those that have a full-time tour.
  2. The group I work for (albeit is open class so it’s likely a much different world than world class) pays by the day. If you break down the hourly rate it’s anywhere from $4-5/hr depending on the daily schedule. We already struggle enough getting people to teach for how little pay it is (most people have real life costs). Taking 10% off the staff budget saves a couple grand at best, but you’re probably hurting member experience by losing staff more than you’re gaining anything by saving minimal money.
  3. Yeahhhh not how it works. Unless move-ins/tour is shorter, staff aren’t being paid any less. They aren’t paid by show length. They’ll still be “working” the same block schedule/same amount of time while on tour.
  4. Pretty sure all finalist get participation/finalist medals. At least they did 15 years ago.
  5. Probably bc they’re too lazy to edit the video and don’t want people seeing their mistake.
  6. Watching on my computer I had some streaming issues. Video buffered quite a bit. Computer is hardlined and I had 220mbps running, so not sure what the issue was.
  7. I suppose it depends on which Open Class corps you are looking at. At RCR this season there were quite a few members with little to no previous marching experience. The members ranged from high school freshmen to a few age outs. With the price, again, depends on who you are marching with. RCR is less then half of what a World Class corps cost. And I know of places that are just as inexpensive. It's all over the board. The best thing to do is to just check out a corps or two and see which ones fits you best!
  8. With the launch of WGI's new platform today (that's FREE), how will that effect DCI's Fan Net. Will DCI ever considering offering up their product for free? While I understand the WGI streaming/championships will still cost money, it's great that they are giving us past products for free. http://wgi.org/featured-story/03302015-The-New-Way-to-Watch.html#.VRm-UggnTlk.facebook I didn't see a topic on this yet, but if there is one, sorry!
  9. It was cranked up at the Eden Prairie show on Friday! It has to be the positioning of the fan network mics, because I really don't think the corps is messing around with volume on a show to show basis (at least not as drastic as is seems on fan net)
  10. And for everyone, please correct me if Im wrong, but Im pretty sure Ryan has been the caption head for the past 2 years now.
  11. Did you even read my post? i added this little gem, "Now, if we are talking about another section, I am sorry for my confusion. But the 2 instructors this whole conversation has been about have been nothing but amazing in and out of rehearsal." No need to get all offensive...
  12. Umm This is the biggest pile of crap Ive read on here in a while. In my couple years marching Phantom Ive never once seen this, or heard Paul or JD berate ANYONE!. Now, if we are talking about another section, I am sorry for my confusion. But the 2 instructors this whole conversation has been about have been nothing but amazing in and out of rehearsal.
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