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  1. wycliffe gordon, vincent gardner, jj johnson, slide hampton, ron westray, bill watrous, conrad herwig, miles davis, clifford brown, claudio ridoti, trane, parker, kai winding, frank rosolino, jimmy cleveland, etc
  2. ^^ they are pretty freakin awesome in classical too, and so are strings
  3. if they weren't serious about what they were doing wouldn't it end up pretty crappy?
  4. is this supposed to be like your blog or something?
  5. Woodwins add amazing amounts of new colors to the sound but they just can't project their sound as well outdoors.
  6. I bet he's making more than you :P I only know of friends who have gone there and loved it
  7. For jazz, yeah. I'm not sure if the guy who asked was also looking for music ed