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  1. I remember this happening more back in the 80’s and 90’s, but have there been any shows in more modern drum corps where there has been a total rewrite of a show or at least part of a show/song more recently? Even to the point of ditching a song and replacing with another one? Just curious.
  2. Considering they used to buck the trend, they would probably were uniforms with shakos. 😜
  3. I am not even voting for old school uniforms...but this is just getting crazy. I feel like the designers are just trying to see who can out do each other. These costumes are just nuts!
  4. This could be said for about 95% of drums corps as a whole right now.
  5. I didn't see a thread on this like we have had years past, but have there been any official releases of the specifics what each corps is wearing this year?
  6. This is going to be a fun show for them. https://spiritdrumcorps.org/neonunderground19/
  7. I never said anything about a “nostalgia show” and never asked if DCI would go back to them or go back in time. I am talking about trends and elements.
  8. ***This is not an "old is better" or "new is better" debate. I like elements of both.*** I have thought this before, but just like with clothes, sayings, TV shows, music, etc. Things always run in circles. I came across some older shows (if you can call 90's and 00's old...), and wondered at some point would we see a shift to something "new" at some point as things continue to progress and change? What I mean by this is that everything reaches a max at some point and then you start looking for something different. I wonder at what point (if ever) we will see elements of design and music in drum corps pivot like that. Where things that marchers, designers, instructors, etc have never seen on the field live will become "fresh and new" to them and there will be elements of those things show back up in shows again. I am not saying revert back to a complete show like old school drum corps but elements that would be different from some of the trends now or in the future. Again, not saying there is anything wrong with the shows today (or in the years past), just wondering if at some point we will see, for instance, props become so normal and maxed out in shows that to do something completely unique and different, we will see shows without props. Or, will we ever see a visual show designed so focused on drill design that it resembles the early 90's Cavies or even early 00's Cavies. Those are just some thoughts and examples. Do circles of trends even run in designing competitive drum corps/marching shows?
  9. Anyone else noticed that there is a lot of scatter drill, walking, dancing, and kneeling in shows this year? I am not really sure marching in time and clean feet really matter much any more. Just an observation. Nothingh else, move along.
  10. so I am thinking when Boston was messing with the witches last year and had the big fire summoning at the end of the show, they summoned the Mandarins’ show this year.
  11. Seriously, experiencing that where I am sitting too. Driving me nuts!
  12. Something must have been wrong with the scores...recount? Protest? Atomic bomb? There is complete radio silience...