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  1. On a lighter note compared to my last post, who has the best souvies this year? It is a tradition that I buy a SOA and Bluecoats shirt but what else is out there that I should check out? Any cool shirts or souvies from everyone else?
  2. I know someone had mentioned it before but I would recommend changing your hotel plans if your are staying here in Atlanta. http://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/health-officials-9th-case-of-legionnaires-after-patient-stayed-at-downtown-hotel
  3. I love this show not only because it is so close to me personally but because of the SOA crew showing up in full force, but I will admit the Crown fans make a good showing too. I am so glad that ATL landed this show so close to finals. This is a great warm up to quarters and let’s admit that the new stadium is absolutely amazing for fans. (Price for everything is great!) I imagine we will see some new changes to shows showing up on Saturday as well. This show never disappoints! (Except back in the Dome when there was a flood happening in one the sections when it was a torrential downpour
  4. I was just thinking this for many of the corps that would be considered having "down years." There are still the more prominant corps, but I feel like the playing field overall is becoming more even because there are so many very good corps.
  5. I remember this happening more back in the 80’s and 90’s, but have there been any shows in more modern drum corps where there has been a total rewrite of a show or at least part of a show/song more recently? Even to the point of ditching a song and replacing with another one? Just curious.
  6. Considering they used to buck the trend, they would probably were uniforms with shakos. 😜
  7. I am not even voting for old school uniforms...but this is just getting crazy. I feel like the designers are just trying to see who can out do each other. These costumes are just nuts!
  8. This could be said for about 95% of drums corps as a whole right now.
  9. I didn't see a thread on this like we have had years past, but have there been any official releases of the specifics what each corps is wearing this year?