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  1. Just caught the scores from Atlanta. Whoa. Can't remember the last time I saw that much of a shake-up in placements. EDIT: Never mind...looking at the wrong page...
  2. Rusty

    Cadets 2018

    I'm probably going to be flamed like crazy for this, but here goes... They should roll out West Side Story. Seriously. They last did it in '09. They still have the drill and the music from that year on hand; let 'em dust off that version and put it back on the field. They still have their classic unis somewhere in storage. They have a Tresona executive on their new BOD, who can surely work something out w/r/t royalties. Properly executed, the show would make finals. It wouldn't be top six, but as Jeff points out, placement is irrelevant at the moment. Right now they desperately need a hug from the fans. The fans very badly want to be able to respond in kind. Bringing back a classic would make that a whole lot easier.
  3. The BOD knew about this at least since January and refused the victims' request for Hopkins to be suspended (not fired) and for an independent investigation to take place. This is all a matter of record at this point. In short, a big part of the reason things got to this point is because the BOD refused to act. So I ask, out of genuine curiosity: What part of my rhetoric was inflammatory? I'm simply pointing out what has already happened and what is likely to transpire as a result. Some of which, btw, is already taking place, such as pressure on corporate sponsors to reevaluate their relationship with the Cadets. Believe it or not, I truly have no desire to see the Cadets destroyed. For me, this is about saving the organization.
  4. YEA's BOD needs to face the brutal reality of the situation in which they have placed their organization. Their own statement: - confirms that they knew of these allegations at least since January; - confirms that they refused the victims' requirement to suspend Hopkins and have an independent firm conduct an investigation; - offers no apology to any of the victims; - and gives no indication, beyond a mealy-mouthed "we'll make this a safe environment for all" passage, of any intent to implement changes to prevent this in the future. Here's what happens next. Parents of current marching members will take one look at this statement and yank their kids from the organization, contracts be ######. Corporate sponsorships will vanish. That sweetheart deal you have with Yamaha? Kiss it goodbye. And what alumnus with a pulse is going to donate a penny to support an organization that runs itself in such a fashion? In spectacularly short order, the corps may not have the numbers, much less the finances, to field a show in June. BOD, you have a choice. Step down for the good of the organization, or go down with the ship that you so cavalierly steered into the iceberg.
  5. Top 5: 2008: The hornline. The battery. The random, indiscriminate killing. Phantom's first stand-alone title. Enough said. 1996: That power chord at the end of the second movement seals the deal. Musically, this was hands down the best show of the year. 2010: Paul Rennick's swan song doesn't get nearly the attention it deserves. That's one of the best openers that Phantom has ever put on the field. Unquestionably, "Into the Light" was the most beautiful thing on the field in 2010. 1993: An innovative show in a year that is known for innovative shows. I keep waiting for somebody to put the pit back on the field. And this was the year that Phantom figured out how to have its sopranos wail, but with grace. 2006: One can only wonder what might have been had Cavies' Machine not been standing in their way. With the corps winning their first-even percussion title in '06, this was the year that everything really start to jell for Phantom ahead of 2008. HM: 2003: After so many years in the wilderness after their first-place tie in '96, this was the year Phantom rediscovered their mojo. And this was the show that made me a believer in B-flat in DCI. 1989: The only reason that this didn't land in my top 5 was the ballad. When will Phantom learn that Phantom doesn't do jazz? (And don't bring up '91 or '09 - I didn't think it worked then, either.) Least favorite: -'09 - Like I said, Phantom doesn't do jazz. -'17 - If I heard "Phantasm!" out of the pit one more time, I thought I was going to lose my mind. '95 - An off year for the organization, particularly the horn line.
  6. The U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps performed tonight at a Houston-area high school. I couldn't attend due to a prior commitment, but my wife was kind enough to cue up a video on the school district's website at (I'd link directly to the vid, but I can't find it - right now it appears to be on the front page of the site. Skip to the -46:00 mark to see them feeding onto the field.) Not sure what the rep is for the show, but it looks decent and sounds great. At one point, I realized just how wonderful it was to hear a good horn line really cranking on G bugles. And then I noticed some weird sound effects. Then strings. Yep: they have a synth in the pit, with amps at the 35 on side one and the 40 on side two. Basically, it's Hop's world. We just live in it.
  7. Derp. I guess that shows how closely I've been paying attention.
  8. They just picked up Michael Gaines. Can't wait to see what he does with SCV's drill.
  9. Rusty

    2018 Uniform Thread

    They wore shakos. In the present climate, that absolutely qualifies as traditional.
  10. SCV picked up Michael Gaines??? Can't wait to see what he does with their drill.
  11. As I have gotten a couple of inquiries, I should announce that the tickets have already sold.
  12. You're very kind. :) But I regret to announce that the tickets have already sold. :(
  13. I'm planning to take tomorrow off and visit rehearsal sites in town. Anybody know of a place online where I might learn where corps are staying?
  14. For sale: two tickets to DCI Southwestern Championship in San Antonio on July 22. Exact seat numbers not yet known, but they'll be in the lower deck between the 45s. $133. PM me if you're interested.
  15. One of the things I enjoy so much about the summer is watching the shows change and evolve. They start out pretty rough (really, every corps in early June looks like, "This is who? From where? Playing what?"). And then they start touring, and rehearsing, and cleaning, and rewriting this drill and that part of the book, tearing bits out and adding new bits in. Don't get me wrong, I love watching the finished product in August, but as I watch the final polished gems during finals week, I recall the process that each corps took to get there, and I appreciate it that much more.