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  1. If it's a life long dream then try, you should just try. Find the place where you passion is needed and jump in. HS, small corp, hell a drum and baton corp, find the place that needs you talent. As was mentioned above, your real world experiences could also be valuable Worth mentioning that a friend of mine marched with the caption head of a perennial top 3 horn line. He has the education and credentials to fill that role brilliantly. But, says she, "outside of drum corps/music he is sort of dumb." Use your talents, find your niche and go.
  2. Seeing the costumes and knowing that "Keating's Triumph" is part of the show, I have to wonder if we will hear "oh Captain, my Captain" ala Dead Poets Society. Could be cool . . .
  3. I live in Columbus and find it difficult to believe that this story continues to be part of our local media. OSU is always big news here however. Just wanted to add that in the early 80s at BGSU in northwest Ohio DCI was very well represented. We had kids from Glassmen, General Putnams Men, Bluecoats, Marion Cadets, Scouts, 2-7, Phantom, Garfield, Troopers, Guardsmen, Royal Crusaders and probably others. All of this in a high stepping band wearing fuzzy white busby hats. 2 hours of practice each day, extra sectionals as warranted and a 1 week band camp prior to the beginning of the term. And even though just weeks before many of us were IN DCI finals, we were college kids having fun in band. It was more fun to yell "beat mi-am-ee" togther with a cadence than it was to debate the recent scores in Montreal. And although there were many traditions attached to this group, we did not get hazed. I was in a social fraternity as well ... we got hazed. My hope is that the kids in the OSU band get to finally be taken out of the media spotlight and have a safe, fun time being members of a college band.
  4. Dutch Boy Cadets . . . . . in either 1975 or 76. I grew up in a small town ouside of Marion Ohio and each Summer a corps competing in the US Open would stay at our high school. The DB members were so kind to a kid like me as I would literaly stalk them and watch rehersals. I was 12 at the time and immediately hooked. I did indeed march corps a few years later and I remain friends to this day with one of those Dutch Boy members.
  5. Great review and a fun read. Thanks! I too thank you for the Sonnor comments. The Quebec guards have always turned heads and it is great to see that tradition continues today. As a dual citizen from Quebec, I think that makes me the #1 Canadian-American fan!
  6. I believe Saginaires is correct. Could be Les Eclipses ( I was born in Quebec so I should know this!) but still not sure. ChrisP I havent found any pictures of Long Island Kingsmen ..... yet. :)
  7. Not sure. Can anyone identify? Again, not sure. I think this might be Oak Cru? LindaP can you help?
  8. Thanks for the encouragement LindaP! Lets try this again . . . . . Valley Fever Squires
  9. I am a moron. I have posted pics previously in th Gen Putnams Men thread but can't seem to get it right this time. Any help? (I have 11 pics in Photobucket)
  10. Pictures from US Open Prelims 1981, trying to post these darn things but not having much luck.
  11. You're most welcome Dale. The picture of Garberson after the solo still makes me laugh!
  12. I have a stack of pictures from prelims Chris so there just might be a few of LI Kingsman. I will check and if I have any I will post in the "Old Drum corps pictures" thread. mike