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  1. IMO it seems as if you're just projecting what you experienced in the past and kind of imagining it would somehow transplant to the current corps. Not sure if you've been around Surf much. It's not the Bridgemen reborn -- nothing like it in fact. I get that you loved the show (and clearly -- so did the performers and fans ) but there was a lot of pent up nostalgia there just waiting for that show. I don't think it's anything you could really build on (unless you were going to try to re-boot the Bridgemen I guess). Anyway if you've sent kids there it's a really different vibe. A lot of kids punch their ticket at Surf and leave because they are looking for a more intense, competitive experience. Heck some of them move to DCA corps for that! ! I do know this -- the quality of kids in that program are capable of a lot more competitively. But -- that obviously comes with a price. And if the price is "we can't field a corps next year", obviously the admin is not willing to pay it. So -- they kind of are what they are. I know kids who've stayed to age-out at Surf and loved every minute of it. So kudos to Bob for creating a home for those kids.
  2. Disagree. That way lies disaster. Bridgemania was a nice one-off. But recreating the Bridgemen is a dead end. I think this show is an interesting choice. The repertoire is young, relevant. The show concept -- a kind of urban renewal project? -- is the kind of socially aware program young people might be involved in today. The key for Surf -- as always -- will be how well they can teach up their young membership. IMO the ceiling for Surf is actually really high -- look at what high school band kids can do at the highest level. Amazing stuff. Absolutely no reason Surf can't do that sort of thing. Just need the right teachers and an achievable product. Nothing wrong with being audience friendly -- but that doesn't mean they need to be goofy about it.
  3. lol -- not expand on the hop comment. i thought that was self-evident i meant why you're predicting 5 to 8 for Boston.
  4. are you just making the prediction or do you want to expand your thinking?
  5. I hear your logic but I just don't see it happening (which in the end is probably a good thing).
  6. Interesting point. I expect '17 to be a pretty radical departure from '16.
  7. As Cadets fans are always quick to point out, perspective is everything. I think I just read over on that thread that finishing out the medals was considered a disappointing season.
  8. There are all sorts of different historical precedents you could draw from. But IMO (and others if one judges by various podcasts, news stories, etc..) it's a fairly unique situation. Corps admin, senior staff, even fans may take a long view. But MM's -- some at least -- may have a somewhat shorter perspective.
  9. No argument here. Crown built up from within over a 10 year period and did not expect to just leap up into medal contention. Not sure Crown is the right comparison to make however. There are pretty stark differences in fact. Crown certainly didn't hire away the staff from two championship winning corps. Anyway your POV is a reasonable approach. Be happy with every step forward and if things sometimes go better than expected so much the better. As for this season, well I think it's pretty clear why it's being discussed.
  10. All very good points. And regardless of "future potential", what's happenin' now always has an annoying way of coming to the forefront. Anyway I have no idea how this is all going to play out. How often has a drum corps suddenly put together such an "all star" staff?
  11. Go look at Crown 2007 Believe me the guard caption scores have been analyzed by many many eyes in recent months.
  12. Lol there's quite a debate going on about that very subject. If you're 9th in GE can you really score top 3 in guard? The guard caption itself is very odd in some respects. MT was eventually able to write some absurdly difficult books at Crown (which often didn't receive the credit many felt they deserved). Those books were written to challenge the performers and the staff every season. OTOH there are many who claim (with some justification) that in DCI it's ENTIRELY about effect in that caption. No one cares how difficult or challenging your book is so long as you spin it clean. You're judged entirely on how effective the work is. I'm not sure either side is entirely right. Undoubtedly the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
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