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  1. i can assure you they are there. increase your altitude!
  2. Who said there's a percieved benefit? Two corps independently came to the conclusion that specific piece of music fit their concept. There's no mysterious collusion. or WAIT -- maybe there is?? perhaps there's a secret plan
  3. shh.. you're ruining the narrative. (and your "read" is quite accurate). i'm not surprised the BAC gang tried to twist it into something far more evil. but that's how they roll -- they see G7's in every corner and have an overwhelming urge to vanquish them to the nether regions (kind of like their show last year!) . probably fits quite well with this year's product was well:
  4. well now you're just being mean. i was just talking about normal colorguard stuff :-) surely a trumpet player can handle that , right?
  5. maybe do those wrist extensions with a wet flag in the wind !
  6. no no -- i can get him a flag with the proper weight at the end. gotta challenge the wrists :-)
  7. ok Tekk. challenge accepted? i'm sure we can get a flag to you somehow!
  8. Glad to see Melillo being played more. His stuff was pretty good but he went cray-cray on his licensing terms.
  9. guard should get a good book. eric b. back , mike zablocki super talented.
  10. just checked in to the "crown brass to boston" story -- one kid did go there. he was an alternate for 2 years at crown / never saw the field. also had someone text me " one perc followed colin from cadets to boston". so...yeah. you hear crazy stuff from all sorts on here.
  11. great instruction can trump inexperience :-) teaching matters.
  12. considering there was no guarantee that it would happen, the upward flow of talent from C2 to C1 has been pretty impressive.
  13. great story -- talked to someone while they were walking around looking at things at the last cadets camp and they were freaking out. "OMG the guard looks so young. like they are all middle schoolers". turns out they were peeking in at the C2 guard. cracked me up.
  14. yeah vets from all over showed up. staff was super pleased with talent added and the talent returning.
  15. 35 not returning is about right. that number is split a lot of ways including just not marching.
  16. 18 guard vets went with the old staff (some of those got alternate spots) . 13 guard vets stayed at Crown.
  17. forgot to add to the last post: 13 returning vets in the guard (about 5 less than the number that followed the old staff to Boston).
  18. Cavies marching style came over with Fiedler. Before it was a very smooth hybrid style but nothing like Cavies.
  19. i don't think they've been edgy since Devil's Staircase. To me, edgy is Vanguard.
  20. sight unseen it sound like Vanguard back to being Vanguard :-) (albeit with that bicycle step which still looks wrong from them )
  21. finally a design that sounds like Vanguard.
  22. noted. whole brass staff less one :-) on similar vein, Crown did not lose the whole guard staff as Michael Floyd (long time staffer) remained with the Crown.
  23. Just recently got a little update from April camp from a guard perspective. Let's just say -- they didn't miss a beat in terms of turn out, talent, and level of experience. Don't expect CrownGuard to miss a beat this season.
  24. Like I said, we're both honking for our teams :-)